A multi-themed online text adventure

Support Your MUD

Naturally as a MultiMUD player you already tell friends, family and passing strangers about this great game! There are still more ways you can help though

1. Vote For Your MUD!

Beneath the navigation menu you'll find 2 buttons that allow you to vote for MultiMUD on mudconnect.com and topmudsites.com. The more votes we get the higher we'll appear and the greater our visibility. Both systems allow you to vote once a day.

2. Link To Us!

If you have your own website, we have a selection of player created banners below that you could link to us with. Simply click any of the buttons (or select the text yourself) below to select a banner and copy and paste the code into the html of your web page. You don't need to save any images. Just take the text code. Thank you for your support!

Mud Banner created by Ayane

Mud Banner created by Buriyaki

Mud Banner created by Morrigan

If anybody else is feeling creative and would like we create a banner, we'll happily put it up. Contact your local immortal in game if you have something for us.

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