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Playable Races of MultiMUD

MultiMUD has 17 playable races. There are 7 major races and 10 minor races. The major races are well established in realms and all have hometowns and racial skills. Minor races are essentially vagabonds who are assigned hometowns at random and receive no racial skills.

Below we present a synopsis of each race containing a little about their origins and their stats.


Humans are the average and most common race of the realms. Not being too special in anything, they come in different skin and hair colors, sometimes of diminutive built, sometimes very muscular. They can be found all over the realms, but they tend to huddle together to form larger communities. They normally erect cities surrounded by either palisades or stone city walls and keep numerous guard forces to protect the generally unarmed and harmless citizens. They are versatile creatures, being able to adopt to climate and other life circumstances. Humans begin their adventure either in the fair city of Freyburg, the capital of Keorangar, or in the ancient city of Midgard.

Maximum stats for Humans are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Elves are generally easily discernable due to their finely chiseled faces, their slim bodies and their graceful movement. Their natural agility enables them to walk as quiet as they cannot be detected by hearing. Their faces appear to be ageless, with silken blonde hair, which sometimes gleams like gold covering their heads. But despite outer appearance, they can also have a darker side. Elves have their hometown, which is called Ganzanderbi, in the Haon-Dor forest, high up in the tree tops.

Maximum stats for Elves are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)

Half Elves

Half-elves are the offspring of an allegiance of humans and elves. They tend to look more like elves, but not as perfectly shaped as them. For instance, their hair may be golden like the elves, but it could also be dark blonde or brown or even black. As far as their temper is concerned, behaviour of half-elves is somewhere between both of their ancestral kinds. Half-elves are less adept at magic than real elves, but still formidable while they are able to handle physical combat better than elves. Depending on their origin, half-elves either begin their journey in the ancient city of Midgard or in the elvish settlement of Ganzanderbi.

Maximum stats for Half Elves are as follows
Halfelf1717 18161517 + 
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Judging from their outer appearance, it appears as if both male and female dwarves would wear beards. Both have a very strong constitution, sometimes lacking the agility to move quietly. They prefer the depths of mining tunnels and generally feel comfortable below the surface, while they are not so keen on wandering woods. They also like to work with metal and they adore the gleam of gold.

Dwarves are powerful fighters with focus on the physical battle, but among them are also wise clerics and powerful mages, though less numerous. The hometown of the dwarves, which is called Khedrugar, is located to the south of the hell valley just outside of the human city of Freyburg.

Maximum stats for Dwarves are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Hobbits are one of the less known races, basically, because most of them do not like to leave their home area, which is called the Shire which is located north of the forest of Haon-Dor.

Their outer appearance is not unrelated to humans, apart from the fact that they are much smaller and have hair covering their feet, freeing them of the need to wear shoes. What hair their feet have, their face lacks, though. Hobbits generally are not known for their aggressiveness, but they know how to defend themselves and can be stealthy when required. Hobbits are sometimes looked down at by the other races.

Maximum stats for Hobbits are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Orcs normally are tall, muscular creatures. Their skin is of dark colour, normally brownish or black, but there is also the green-skinned subkind. Some of the species may even be covered with fur. Orcs tend not to have beards, but large fangs protruding from their mouths. They strife constantly, either among themselves for leadership or with other races and species. Orcs are known for their physical strength but there are also some orcish mages and shamans of devastating power. The orcish settlement of Urugronk is located near the human city of Freyburg.

Maximum stats for Orcs are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Vampires are not really born vampires, but members of other races bitten and infected by another vampire. How vampires came to this world, no one knows. They are undead creatures of the night, afraid of the sun as its beams are deadly to them. Normally pale-skinned, hairless creatures of slim build, with eerie soulless eyes which seem to look through everything, vampires move with grace. Blood is their life but also their bane. They lack the favour of the gods, making their deaths permanent.

It is rumoured that there is an old castle to the southwest of the human city of Kerofk called Bran Castle, where many of their kind reside.

Maximum stats for Vampires are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Barbarians are a sturdy subkind of humans, for whom they are often mistaken for, but only as long as no combat has commenced. No one is sure where barbarians actually come from, as only single wandering barbarians have been encountered so far.

They are physically superior to humans and posses immense survival skills, but subtility or diplomacy is not their way. They are not really stupid, just uneducated, from a human point of view. From what those few wanderers have told, barbarians live in huge tribes, sometimes led by strong females.

Maximum stats for Barbarians are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Ogres are often seen with little clothing or at most badly-cured furs, their constant exposure to the elements of nature has transformed their skin into a thick, leather-like hide covered in warts. Their magical abilities are limited, but some ogres do possess the mental strength to become a fierce adept of magic.

This race is considered quite rare, wandering the realms, not having a real home. There is a small ogre village somewhere on Serpent Isle, but it is too small to support any larger population.

Maximum stats for Ogres are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


They are oversized humanoid creatures, covered with thick, dry fur and huge horns protruding from their heads. Their arms seem to be overly long, but that can be false as trolls tend to stand and walk with a hunchback. Trolls come in several sizes and colours, but most of the time, they stand far above common humans in size. Their colour normally is dark, grey, or, on rare occasions, green.

A troll will rarely endulge itself in magic, but their thick skin and skull, their supreme strength and fearless nature makes them strong fighters. Trolls usually live in smaller bands, but now and then, there is a solitary one to be found wandering the lands searching for something only they know.

Maximum stats for Trolls are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


The race of the demons is but a summation of many different subkinds and subspecies. They come in many shapes and forms, some horrid and repulsive, some others, though, rather nice to look at. Normally, their powers are immense, both physical and magical, and it is not certain which one of both they prefer. Some demons are adept at both, some are masters in just one kind. Demons are generally both hated and feared by normal people. Their ways are evil and deceptive, bringing misfortune and pain to other races. But even that is not for certain, for no one knows what goals the wandering demons themselves really have.

Maximum stats for Demons are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Faeries are small, tiny creatures that look almost exactly like tiny humans with beautiful butterfly wings. They often behave like humans normally do. Faeries enjoy spending their time playing games, flying through the air, and casting silly spells on unaware targets. They can't stand most of the taller people and will go out of their way or annoy, pester and drive away any of these creatures that they see. Their magical capabilities are endless and they excell in being stealthy and sneaky. However, the sightings of faeries are few. But sometimes, a wandering faerie can be seen.

Maximum stats for Fairies are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)

Drow Elves

Drows are of the same origin as the other elves, but have separated themselves from the rest of the race centuries ago. They are known for their amorality, using whatever means they have. They tend to be pale in complexion, the most common hair colours are dark brown and different shades of black.

Because of their small numbers and their aptitude for magic,their demeanor is usually arrogant and their thinking ruthless. Although most darkelves live in Aycethera high in the eastern mountains, those are seldomly given leave to travel, which forces wandering darkelves to find a home in one of the other cities of Keorangar.

Maximum stats for Drows are as follows
Drow elf171817171318-++ 
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Goblins are a primitive race, usually built very stocky and short. They may be related to orcs, but they are smaller in appearance and usually more fearful. They tend to be mostly green skinned, with huge bulging eyes and rather large ears. They are of diminuitive stature, making them quick on their feet. Goblins are rather bright and agile creatures, and as such, goblins in large numbers should be approached with extreme caution, but single goblins can be courageous as well, though only in times of need.

Maximum stats for Goblins are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Gnomes are smaller and less stocky than dwarves and they are thought to be distant relatives of them. Gnomes are generally a happy people and they tend to laugh a lot. Their natural coloring goes from light ash to maple to oak, which makes one think that gnomes might be a wood people.

From their physics, gnomes are born thieves or spell casters, as their physical strength is not too high, they tend to rely on speed instead. No gnomish city or settlement has been spotted yet, but that does not mean that there is none, as there is not much known about gnomes in general. Now and then, a lone gnome wanderer has been seen, but those tend to stay near other civilised areas, independent of the race.

Maximum stats for Gnomes are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Duergar are about the same size as dwarves but less muscled. Their eyes, accustomed to the darkness, are larger and have pale skin. Instead of ending in normal fingernails, many duergar have developed claw-like talons. Their beard and hair often is white or silver. Unlike their distant cousins, the dwarves, their nature tends to sway towards the dark side. Like their surface dwelling cousins, they too are grand craftsmen, and they make fierce sturdy warriors. However, their dark nature has brought them also closer to the magical arts for which they have a greater affinity than dwarves.

Maximum stats for Duergars are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)


Giant is a race of huge and strong, but stupid humanoids. Their outer appearance is close to that of humans, but the arms of giants tend to be overly long, giving them the looks of giant apes covered in furs and hides, with huge muscles bulging from beneath those. They make excellent fighters, up for any challenge, but rarely succeed in the magical arts, due to their low intelligence.

Giants often live in tribes, where they guard some territory fiercely. Normally, those are being found in mountain ranges, such as the clefted mountains around Aycethera. But now and then, a wandering giant can be seen in the civilised realms.

Maximum stats for Giants are as follows
(+/- indicate bonuses they receive in Hitpoints, Mana and Movement)
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