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Vital Statistics
Height174 cm
Weight144 lbs
Hit Points1161
Mana Points1306
Move Points967
Total Kills98785
Heroes Slain8
Total Deaths306

Character Profile Of "Wutschi"

Wutschi is a Halfelf Spellsword hailing from . She is approximately 17 years old.


Clad in battle-worn armor, her grey eyes are watching the
surrounding carefully, always searching for those in need.

"Angels dance and angels cry...
... angels fight and angels die"

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Between the time, when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the
rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of.
And onto this Wutschi, destined to wear the jeweled crown
of Keorangar upon a troubled brow...
It is I, her chronicler, who allone can tell you of her
saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure:

Born and raised in the elfen tree, a little, stubborn and
in many ways arrogant halfelfen child was trained by her
loving parents in the arts of magic and the understanding
of nature. As it is custom by the elfes, they tried to
plant into the growing mind of the child the overwhelming
love for plants and living beings together with the peace
coming from meditation and the search of inner balance.

Though Wutschi was not a stupid student and mastered the
magical skills to pass the growing number of tests, in her
teenage restlessness, she never could understand all this
talk about peace and meditation, did not listen to the
sermons of the elders and completely gave way to her human
side and the lust for adventures and battles...

Not that she was a very strong woman, neither was she able
to handle the various weapons that were to be sold in the
weaponry of her hometown, but she kept dreaming of battles
and steel meeting steel and rebelled against her teachers
and the elfen elders and refused to continue her training
of magic to become a wizard, sorcerer or worse a monk...

Against the advise of her friends, mentors and family she
decided to train her weak body, to choose one weapon and
train hard to master it. "What use is there, in knowing
how to fight with many weapons mediocre, when you dont
acchieve mastership?", she thought and chose, after some
time of consideration, the sword - most elegant of all
weapons - to become her commrade and friend.

Long she stood on different practice yards, payed visit
and honor to all the great known blademasters of the realms
practiced with Duncan the arts of attacking series, bribed
the Captain for his knowledge of offensive charges, went
to the famous swordmans guilds of Ankh, Moonglow and even
payed a visit to Nova Colonia to learn and train, always
trying to become one with the swords she used.

It was a life full of physical exercise, exhausting her
more than she had expected and she didnt seem to reach
mastership at all, until one day, she used one of her old
mental techniques to refresh her bruised and aching body,
when suddenly she realized she could "feel" the sword...
Trying around, enlarging the ammount of concentration,
she realized that she could even infuse the sword, make
it come "alive" - almost as if dancing with it, a part of
her body that was seperated, but still mentally connected.

Talking to her different teachers about that incident, her
true profession revealed itself. From this moment Wutschi
combined her magical teachings with her fighting skills
and became a Spellsword, no powerful magician and no raging
knight, but the micture of both worlds...

Searching for a new goal in life, she strolled the lands
seeking for answers, when suddenly, on a GUARDIAN guildboard
Bendens definition of a GUARDIAN clearified her way

That was a goal for life, something she really could work
on. A neverending task that held reason and rewards...

She talked to Galadriel, applied to the old and honored
clan and finally got accepted. And with the moment she
fully became GUARDIAN, she went on her personal quest:
exploring, hunting, killing... trying to collect the needed
wisdom to teach others... soon realizing, that great
accomplishments dont come easy...

So far she didnt reach even one of her goals, her biggest
mistake, the failed education of the "Strori", a knight in
help that refuses to profit of her so far collected wisdom...
But she will not give up, and one day he might see reason...

Meanwhile she is strolling the lands for degrees without
rewards, searching for implocs to proofe her abilities,
collecting gold to envy the dwarven treasures and hunting
the stones from the Underworld, to build up some reputation.
Always on her way to try to fulfill Bendens words, on
her challange through the ages...

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