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Vital Statistics
Height188 cm
Weight153 lbs
Hit Points681
Mana Points692
Move Points237
Total Kills5978
Heroes Slain11
Total Deaths6
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Velma"

Velma is a Human Spellsword hailing from . She is approximately 30 years old.



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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

During the time of the mystery machine the brains behind the whole operation was
without a doubt Velma Julianos Dinkley, but her accomplishments went unnoticed. She
felt she could do other things else where instead of being behind the scenes of a
pretty boy, a hippie, his dog, and the door knob lady. She left the gang after 12
years of solving mysteries. It was then where she decided to transform herself into
what you see before you. She gave up her brunette hair that made her plain and dyed
it pitch black. She chose to get corrective laser eye surgery to get rid of her
big coke bottle glasses, and she changed her wardrobe completely getting rid of the
usual orange and getting something abit more fitting for her.
After a year or 2 of being alone she decided that the best thing for her to do
was learn how to defend herself. She became a user of the dark magical arts and
excelled greatly in it. After awhile she felt that it was time for her to learn the
physical traits of defending and attacking so she became a spellsword through hard
work and knowing all the right people...she has not seen the gang ever since.

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