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Vital Statistics
Height199 cm
Weight174 lbs
Hit Points615
Mana Points737
Move Points225
Total Kills20828
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths0

Character Profile Of "Tolstoy"

Tolstoy is a Human Wizard hailing from . He is approximately 42 years old.


Tolstoy looks like a keen magic user. He appears deep in thought.
You try getting his attention, but it proves difficult.
Finally, he nods, mumbles something to himself, and raises his eyes to you. And BEAMS a smile!

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Religious beliefs:
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Tolstoy, like many others, was born to a mother and a father. Due to the way gods mostly
intend it to be, and the fact that his mother and father both were human, it was little surprise
that he too, came to be human.

As a young boy, Tolstoy would often dream of a time far away, in a place so distant from the
place he called home, you could almost call it an alternative realm. Many of these dreams
centered around a particularly large conflict between two very powerful empires who both
battled for power and dominance. Tolstoy would often wake in fright, drenched in a cold
sweat, as the dreams were vivid, and the conflicts he dreamt of harrowing.

Curiously enough, on some occasions, Tolstoy had dreams of an entirely different nature.
These centered more around friendship, love, a sense of community, and inter-personal

Tolstoy's home town was, and has always been, Freyburg.

During a time shortly after he entered his teenage years, Tolstoy's grandfather, who was still
alive at that time, lent to Tolstoy a very thick and heavy book, not giving much thought to if
he would ever get it back, or indeed, if Tolstoy would even bother to read it.

In the beginning, Tolstoy merely had a curiosity as to whether he would be persistant enough
to read the entire volume, however the more he read, the more absorbed he became into
the words, and after some period of time, he was reading the last few pages, until he came to
the very last word, which he then also read, and thus, had completed the book.

The book had certainly made an impression on Tolstoy. He became more and more
interested in reading, mostly as a way of expanding his knowledge, as he felt acquiring
knowledge was one of several purposes in the life every person leads.

Curiously enough, as Tolstoy entered his 18th year in the realm, he also began developing an
interest in the magical arts. He had of course heard stories of heroes and warriors, who
achieved fame and glory through adventuring and questing, as well as exploration and
combat, an the prospect of doing so himself appealed to him considerably.

There was a guildmaster in Freyburg who became aware of Tolstoy's interest, and took it
upon themselves to teach him the very most basic of spells. Tolstoy then used these very
spells to good purpose, with the resulting experience he gained through its usage both
fueling his desire to learn more, and also leading to growth in both physical and emotional

It came to be that Tolstoy became quite proficient in the magical arts.

Wandering through the realms with open eyes and ears, as well as an open heart, he saw
many incredible, sometimes even heatbreakingly beautiful things, although naturally, as is
the nature of a balanced universe, he did see some horrible things too, although he was not
too badly scarred by the things he witnessed.

There came a point when Tolstoy had to contemplate his future, which he did, for some time,
and the conclusion that he drew was
he could either focus his attention on developing a
broader understanding of the magical arts, or improve his efficiency as a fighter by
concentrating more on weaponry and sword play. He put quite some thought into this, but in
the end, the decision he came to, which was indeed the correct one, was to seek schooling in
a more specialized form of magic, that being Wizardry.

Mostly, the decision he reached was due to a desire to learn the life-restoring and defensive
spells a different class of magic users had available to them, namely the Clerics.

And thus, Tolstoy embraced Wizardry. It became a passion, and his knowledge and
experience increased steadily.

He had on occasion reveiced guidance from deities, for which he was honestly grateful for,
although he rarely spoke of these encounters with his friends.

In these present days, Tolstoy still enjoys the adventuring life. He knows there are still
corners of the earth he has not been to yet, and he also knows of places he is affraid to do
anything but tiptoe around.

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