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Vital Statistics
Height87 cm
Weight66 lbs
Hit Points812
Mana Points506
Move Points404
Total Kills6017
Heroes Slain6
Total Deaths104
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Tolpan"

Tolpan is a Hobbit Bard hailing from . He is approximately 47 years old.


You see a mid-aged hobbit, his long nut-brown braid already mottled grey.
He seems to be an experienced wanderer: Some scars decorate his weatherbeaten
A friendly aura is surrounding him. [OATH]

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Tolpan was born in Freyburg. His parents, Tarfin Barefeet and Garla Barefeet,
left the shire some years before he was born. Hobbit historians from the shire
report on a feud between Tarfin and his Garla's father, Goborin.
The reason for this feud was simple for Goborin Platings:
His daughter had to marry a honorable hobbit. He always wanted the best for his
beloved and beautiful Garla. His son-in-law should have been either a farmer, a
skilled craftsman, maybe even a trader! A honorable hobbit, respecting the hobbits'
But Tarfin was different. Although the Barefeets had a little farm near the shire,
Tarfin never had any interest in earning his money with growing plants, harvesting
and selling the fruit.
Of course Tarfin loved the nature. There is no hobbit known in this realms that doesn't
feel happy watching something grow. It was another thing about farming Tarfin could not
arrange with his conscience. Farming would limit his freedom. He never saw his parents
doing anything else but following their farming-business. It never happened that his
parents left their farm for holidays or anything alike.
That's why Tarfin more and more often went on rambles. He wandered through the shire and
found out that he had very dexterous fingers and could hide and sneak very good.
Soon he became a skilled thief. On a single ramble to midgaard he 'earned' more than his
parents earned per hectare per year.

Of course the fact that Tarfin made his living from stanger's purses was only a rumor in
the shire. But Goborin Platings was sure: Tarfin had a much too expensive life-style
compared to the Barefeet-farm, he did not even own yet.
And this person wants to marry his daughter! So, the feud between the Platings-clan and the
Barefeets started. And it ended up in a secret marriage between Garla and Tarfin and their
leave towards Freyburg.
Tarfin could improve his business, started to help the stranded citizens and became a well-
known and respected citizen of Freyburg, although anyone knew the source of this welfare.

As Tolpan grew up he tried to learn everything from his father. Due to his father's 'deeds'
Tolpan was welcome at Freyburg's clergy. He started to follow the ways of Marvin's philosophy
and some day joined the order of [Paladins]. He started his wanderings to help the pure and
punish evil deeds. Seemingly Marvin liked his doings and the gods granted him the honor to
become an [Avatar].

In spring of the Year 534 an epidemic carried his parents off. Tolpan did everything to cure
his parents from this serious disease. He asked the most powerful priests and sages for help.
He prayed to his god, Marvin. He prayed to several other gods. Noone heard his prayers. All
priests and sages failed to help.

His parents died and Tolpan retired from all his assignments and was not seen for a long time.

Some years later the urge to help the poor, he had left behind with his self-chosen isolation,
grew stronger and stronger. So, he returned to fulfil his father's heritage as well as to
continue his fight against evil.

But since his parent's death Tolpan is not the same. Of course, he accepted the god's choice
to rip his parents from life.
Maybe someday Marvin will listen to his prayers and will answer the most important question,
that crucifies Tolpan's heart:
Why do the gods punish the pure hearted with diseases while evil grows stronger and stronger?

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