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Vital Statistics
Height14 cm
Weight5 lbs
Hit Points542
Mana Points766
Move Points190
Total Kills8150
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths0
AlignmentVery good

Character Profile Of "Thistle"

Thistle is a Faerie Ranger hailing from . She is approximately 26 years old.


Small, flighty and graceful, this faerie is a long way from home.
On dragonfly wings she skims and flits about, inquisitive of the
world around her, though her smile seems forced.

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

As a faerie, Thistle spent much of her time in the forests of Fae,
there neither for the court nor to interfere with the mortal realm.
Dragonfly wings mark her as a low caste, more disposed to fighting
than the stealthy moth-wingers, and certainly not as noble as those
with the wings of butterflies. Her time was largely her own, left
to tend to her forest and the animals surrounding the Door there.

This changed when Dannalae, gracious lady of the midling court,
came and tasked this small faerie to pass through the Door, to go
into the mortals' world and help them in their struggles. With no
further instruction, she was sent across the wall through one of
the Doors where the realms touch and has been fighting with the
men and women of this world since, ever awaiting the day she may
return to Fae and the misty forest she loves most.

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