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Vital Statistics
Height178 cm
Weight114 lbs
Hit Points412
Mana Points940
Move Points176
Total Kills4198
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths61

Character Profile Of "Mia"

Mia is a Elf Sorcerer hailing from . She is approximately 22 years old.


She is the most stunning elf that you have ever seen. You study her perfect body
and face so long that you don't even realize the aura of death that surrounds
her. She looks at you and smiles, which means she has foreseen your soon death.

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Mia Lilura's story begins years before her mortal birth with her parents. To
say that Mia's parents grew to love each other and had wish for a family would
be horribly wrong. Deep within the roots of the Elven Tree, where no light has
ever shown, dwelt an evil unknown to the world above. This evil source has
watched the inhabitants of the tree for centuries awaiting for a time to strike.
It saw the moment it had been waiting for when two elves were born: a young male
elf named Alberich Marduk and a young female elf named Meave Lilura.

Alberich & Meave were raised not only by his parents but also by the unseen evil
of the roots. Alberich learned to use the elven magic in ways that would make
an orc cringe and Meave used her magic to deceive and to manipulate. Seperately
they were weak, but the evil knew that if they had a child, it would grow to
surpass them both.

The evil of the roots forced Alberich & Meave to mate and after the deed was
done, Alberich lost his life. He was no longer needed by the evil of the roots.
12 months later, when Meave was to have the child, she began to bleed our of
every orifice of her body. The elven healers worked countless hours to prevent
the loss of her life or the childs. The cause was later known to all at the
birth of the child. The child had developed the art of magic while still in the
womb and was burning the mother from the inside out. The child was born with no
harm, but the mother did not survive. The healers gave the young female elf the
name Mia Lilura after her mother.

Mia grew up as an orphin for no sane elf would take her to raise her. She
possesed her father's torturous capabilites with her mother's beauty and
deceiving nature. She truely was the true weapon the evil had been planning
for. The evil would personally take form and mentor her and guide her to
perform and act the way he wanted. In fact, she did everything and anything
that the evil would say to her. This is how she lived for the beginning of her
years; she would be as an empty shell during the day; driven by the evil of the
roots. But at night, while the evil slept, she would train herself beyond what
the evil had taught her.

At the age of 16, Mia was being driven by the evil through the town of Midgaard
torturing and killing the innocent. She knew it was time to break to bound
between her and the evil, so she began to slowly resist. Not knowing Mia's true
intentions, the evil appeared to her in his true form. She immediately congured
all of her power and strength and in one single magical blast from her hands
destroyed the evil. As soon as it was gone, she felt the weight of the world
release from her and fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke one year later within the forest; freed for the evil that kept her
bound for many years. She was free to do her own will for the first time in her
life. What did she choose to do? The very thing she was breed to do and
trained to do: torment and deceive.

Today, Mia is amoung the most beautiful elves of the realm. She uses this to her
advantage of getting what she wants by enchanting those around her. Those that
are not enchanted have claimed to notice an aura of death surrounding her.
Within the aura, one can see all victims that had fallen under her spell and
lost their lives. Many claim that this is possible because the evil that she
had destroyed still thrives and surrounds her, waiting for it's moment to take

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