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Vital Statistics
Height193 cm
Weight158 lbs
Hit Points820
Mana Points578
Move Points226
Total Kills2459
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths278
AlignmentVery good

Character Profile Of "Marina"

Marina is a Human Warlord hailing from . She has reached the rank of immortality and their age has become indeterminate.



When she was alive she was vibrant sexy and had it going on!
White hair flowing in the wind, purple eyes beaming on you.
You could swear she was a super model or something...she's dead now.
And still looks hot as hell!

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

As a mortal she ran with the best of them. Joining the Bloodangels at the young
age of 19, unsure of where to go. She was treated like family and in turn treated
them like family. The military life was rough but over time she got used to it, and
even got promoted to a sergeant. She was a magnificent sight to behold but the
wardrobe she had on made her appear less so. "You dont need beauty in the Military"
she would say and often times she was correct.
She was also an Avatar back when the Avatars existed. Helping newbies out
whenever she could. She passed away at 35 and little know about why or how it
happened. She appeared before the Immortals as a ghost, saying "I want my body back"
and wouldnt you believe it? She got her body back. But she is now an immortal
and even more so she is a dead immortal pale skinned and hot as hell with partially
rotted flesh. She doesnt wreak of dead corpse, most likely due to her immortalness
one could also say she smells like that new perfume she got from Macy's. Called
*no pun intended* Eternity. If you should so happen to meet her never be afraid
she certainly isnt afraid of you.

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