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Vital Statistics
Height178 cm
Weight111 lbs
Hit Points636
Mana Points828
Move Points258
Total Kills10393
Heroes Slain1
Total Deaths44
AlignmentVery good

Character Profile Of "Macros"

Macros is a Elf Priest hailing from . He is approximately 17 years old.


Once there was a time, when there was no light, no party, no fun and mankind was bored.
But then the Lords of Football came down to the world and the Lords of Football said:
"Let there be FIRE!!!"

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Macros was born a long time ago in Freyburg. Not much is known about is early
years. He followed the way of a cleric, starting to explore his hometown and
the surrounding. Doing so, he grew stronger in his skills and spells. At this
time he met his mentors and later friends Zadok and Anastacia, names long
forgotten now. With their assistance, he got more and more expierienced and
explored more and more of the world. But Macros was not always a brave cleric.
During his early time, unexpierienced, naiv and young as he was, he started o
annoy some gods with his behavior. Especially Faerie, a long time vanished god
was so angry about Macros that he expelled him of his followship of
Lightbringers As Macros learned all he could, he heard of rumours of getting
even more power. So he decided to go on a quest for some places called
"implocs" which he had to visit. This was a hard time for him. Travelling
across the world, searching strange places and not knowing, where to find them.
But some day, an old traveller told him, that he managed to find the needed
number of places. So he travelled to a wise master. Back at this days, he was
waiting in his hut. Today rumours has it that this master now lives amid a
maze somewhere in sf. The master measured Macros and and offered him the
choice to remort. This was quite a short decision and moments later Macros
awake in the cathedral of Freyburg, know not longer a simple cleric but a
strong priest. Or at least, an unskilled priest with the chance to grow
stronger. Now he had to travel the lands again to execise his spells and
skills. Well, this was even a longer and harder way then before. Somehow all
his fighting was not as effectiv as it was as a simple cleric. But Macros was
willing pay whatever his new powers should cost. At this time, he often met
and travelled the world with a sorcerer named Vignard. Finally, after a period
of learning and fighting, he reached the ultimate level of his power. At this
time, he followed his friend and mentor Zadok and became a member of the
guardian clan. He continued travelling the world, always lokking for new
challenges. He managed to beat Zeus with the help of his friends. Perhaps
there is to mention, that back at these days, Zeus just beamed a smile to
visiting priests and did not tore them apart as Macros learned later on in his
life. As years went by, more and more of his older friends vanished. At this
time, he left the guardians and joined the Mobile Infantry to clean sf from the
nasty bugs (and some other stuff maybe). With the help of the heros Tuor,
Kristen and some other he visited Thador and watched the underworld collapse.
At this time, he heard of a new circle of starmages, followers of the god Roy.
He became a member of this famous circle, together with Benden and some other
well known spellcasters. His life was full of challenges. Together with a
group of brave heroes, he managed to avoid Ragnaroek, returned the fire of
vesta (we do not mention the it was him who had stolen it), and participated in
many more quests to save the world. But his life was not only successfull.
He never managed to survive in the survivor quest, never became champion of the
arena and sometimes just went the wrong way when he was standing in front of
Lucifer. But after a long time of travelling and fighting, Macros became
tired. He fell into a deep sleep and it became silent about him for years.
But now, he returned, relaxed and ready for some action again.

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