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Vital Statistics
Height83 cm
Weight82 lbs
Hit Points773
Mana Points498
Move Points313
Total Kills1557
Heroes Slain1
Total Deaths43
AlignmentVery good

Character Profile Of "Lucius"

Lucius is a Hobbit Bard hailing from . He is approximately 24 years old.


There was a sneaky hobbit who got into trouble.
Being caught by a sorceress made his problems double.
He was turned into a donkey and had nothing but strife.
until an unkown someone came and saved his life!

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Lucius was not the sit home and farm kind of hobbit. He did have a
love for second breakfast, but staying in trouble with the Thain was
more fun than farming by a long ways.

One day, Lucius was adventuring out in the forest and found a witch
near the dragons cave. She was doing magic and Lucius got caught.
She turned him into a donkey. He was stuck that way for a little
over a year going on various adventures. One day, tired, thirsty,
and really ready to just give up and die, a beam of sunlight
focused on him and a voice of an unknown immortal set him free
and returned him to his body. He changed his ways and became
a bard to sing the praises of the unknown someone who set him

Lucius now tries to be helpful, but still likes to be a bit
mischievous. He has decided that Multibot has given him a guide
in life he can ask to help him through his ethical dilemmas.

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