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Vital Statistics
Height178 cm
Weight97 lbs
Hit Points1056
Mana Points1458
Move Points1137
Total Kills82728
Heroes Slain5
Total Deaths126
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Lameth"

Lameth is a Elf Wizard hailing from . He is approximately 66 years old.


"Grandfather Death was calling me, evil laughter could be heard...
But it has enlightend my way. Don`t be afraid, and follow me into
the shadows, I will show you the beauty of the night...

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).


It all begun when Cain murdered Abel. For such a bloody deed he was doomed
by god. By this time he never should see daylight again and he had to drink
blood, so Cain always was reminded what he did. The "Book of Nod" tells about
two races born this way: The vampire race, "Children of Cain" and Human race,
"Children of Seth", third son of Adam and Eve. Those vampires of first genera-
tions are named "Methuselah". Not being better than their father Cain, they
started a game of intrigues and domination known as "Jyhad", the eternal struggle.

But humans did recognize that there was something wrong. At sunrise they head
out to stake the undeads. It is unknown how many vampires have been killed
this way, but the blood suckers did not show up anymore...

Children of Cain decided for their part, they are in need to hide and pro-
tect. For this reason most of the ancient vampires agreed on certain rules
to constitute their law: Henceforth it was forbidden to suck blood in pub-
lic and to show supernatural skills. All in all they tried to hide their
vampiric beings. This is known as "The Masquerade".

In Europe there is a core group of seven clans that formed "The Camarilla"
which is an union following the masquerade. Those clans are named at
their very first members:

Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue.

Recently an Anarch revolt started. This new faction known as "The Sabbat"
has taken power on much of the West Coast of the United States. These
brutal vampires do not care of any rules, this way there is war at
Camarilla and Sabbat...

Camarilla tries to get influence in this center of conflict by sending
out of their vampire groups as well as their speciallists, the "Archons"
being justiciar agents. They are supported by a mysterious person who
only is known as the "Dark Messiah".

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