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Vital Statistics
Height178 cm
Weight187 lbs
Hit Points707
Mana Points537
Move Points213
Total Kills1115
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths3
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Janus"

Janus is a Orc Druid hailing from . She is approximately 18 years old.


Born into a human vampire mixed family Janus Hassildor stands before you in her
flowing robes of blue. Because of her upbringing she went to school just like other
kids and graduated from the Clerics School for the Talented.

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

As a child growing up Janus Janice Hassildor (full name) had a tough time
growing up in a family mixed with Humans and Vampires. Her real parents left her on
the doorstep of a family who accepted everyone so with that said she got educated
just like her new brothers and sisters. By 16 she graduated 2nd in her class at the
Clerics School for the Talented also known as the Clerics School for the Insanely
Talented. She to this day adores her clerical roots and will not hesitate to heal
you if asked.
At 17 the family realized that her brilliance cannot be held down inside the
mansion of the Hassildor's and decided to have her explore the world in hopes of
discovering new ways of healing. With that in mind the city of Freyburg caught her
sight and ventured off there only to be redirected by Marius himself to the Unseen
university in Ankh Morpk. But with that came the realization that there was more to
life than the art of healing. But in fact there was the art of stealth! so she moved
over a few blocks to the south in Ankh to the Thieves guild and learned the basics
of Thievery. At some point intime she would like to head to the University of Thieves
to further her education and combine her thievery and clerical abilities to make
her life flow abit more smoothly than usual. Her motto "I wont let you die on me
...not if i can help it!"

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