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Vital Statistics
Height194 cm
Weight160 lbs
Hit Points851
Mana Points522
Move Points302
Total Kills11410
Heroes Slain3
Total Deaths108
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Ivory"

Ivory is a Human Paladin hailing from . He is approximately 33 years old.



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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Another evening at "Feierling Brewery & Inn". As usual Ivory is hanging up
there, willing to spend some drinks. You 're not sure about this man, but this
time you decide to give him a chance and listen to his stories.... "Three
firebreathers for both of us! ". Uhh ohh. Not a good start, you think.
"so, well... You wanted to lizzen to my stories, huh? ", he eyes you up and
smiles. He tells you about his time as a young warrior where he quickly join
the Paladins clan. Often he was around with Tuor, Ytrew, Jack and Trunks. He
reports about Asgard and its endlass grasslands. He was fighting giants and
wolves and even killed a 20 meter high snake called Angerboda with bare hands!
Wau! Drinking parties at walhall with Odin and the final battle of
ragnaroek... A short flirt with the barmaid and he narrates about the deepest
caverns of Underworld, Lord Thador and his demonic creatures... Ivory becomes
depressed.. But I lost my love, Shorsha, the red haired girl! He continues
babbling about true love and how a man should behave. You decide to have a
short break... Sleeping some mintues... Too much drinks! And yes... The
Avatars! ,he pokes you. It was a great honour to serve them. Helping young
men and woman iss the best thing, I can tell ya, my friiiend! With too much
headache you decide to better leave this bar for now. You are still not sure
what to think about this man. How gossip says: "Only child and drunk are
telling the truth.. Yes maybe.... " Maybe you should talk to him again, seems
he has some knowledge.

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