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Vital Statistics
Height178 cm
Weight155 lbs
Hit Points807
Mana Points573
Move Points326
Total Kills4270
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths41
AlignmentAlmost very good

Character Profile Of "Hawk"

Hawk is a Human Bard hailing from . He is approximately 25 years old.


Hard to guess this boys or mans age..best guess would be around 20, its a guess
in his eyes you see only innocence...or...wait..
is there a spark of amusement in his eyes? Nah..surely only innocence

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

The boy grew up with a good loving parents. They took care of the boy,
actually they spoiled him. However the world is anything but peaceful and at
the age of 12 the boy saw his parents murdered by some wretched gang, the type
that appeared to spend their lives in the alleys by both their appearance and
smell. Nathan, what his parents had named him, would never forget a single
detail of those men, those heartless boneless cowards. They left him alive,
laughted at he stood their, shivering in horror, shock, and fear. He didn't
fight, didn't do so much as throw one punch at them... Just stood there.
Just as he would never forget their faces, he would likewise never forget that
he hadn't tried to fight back against those who killed his family. Without
parents he quickly found himself living on the streets himself. He was too
small and too young ever get revenge with that alley gang in a fair fight.
Small, quick enough on his feet, the boy wrapped a leather strip around a
portion of a broken piece of glass and used that to stab the leader of the
group in the back of the neck. Of course that alerted the other members to
keep an eye out, but they never expected a young child to be the reason for
their leader's death. It took over a month, but he killed all of those who had
been at fault for killing his parents. He had expected to feel satisfied with
that, instead he felt numb and without any goal for his life. Nathan's life
was over, he changed his name to Hawk and found himself forced to live the life
of a thief. He became good at it, and eventually found himself becoming
something similar to those he had killed. Still, he liked to think he had kept
a few morals they had long lost. Hawk didn't laugh at kids who had lost there
parents, nor did he leave a child an orphan. Hawk was fully aware what he did
was wrong, the problem was he long ago quit caring. Money at some point had
gone from something he needed to live off of to something he felt a need to
collect. Over time he learned he had an affinity with magic as well, and as
he'd always enjoyed a good song, he took up some training to be a bard. Music
sooths the savage beast... And pained heart. The one tail he would never tell
with or without music would be his own history... All others he would be happy
to retell. Hawk joined up with the Mockers clan while it was still relatively
new and forming. He quickly moved up to 2nd, taking up the role labeled as
Peacemaker. Working to make the clan strong and active, creating a new family,
and make more money has become his new life goal.

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