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Vital Statistics
Height170 cm
Weight141 lbs
Hit Points646
Mana Points684
Move Points218
Total Kills2565
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths14
AlignmentBlack as the night

Character Profile Of "Gnostic"

Gnostic is a Human Priest hailing from . He is approximately 19 years old.


Gnostic is like the wind, where he blows, nobody knows!

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Gnostic was raised in a cult. Loyalty to his false brothers and
sisters kept him alive and growing. He learned the job of
healing his older cohorts and kept out of much trouble. His
dark healing abilities is his only enjoyable talent.
Gnostic doesn't know anything about his life before age 7. He was taken
into an orphanage/foster home and given his current name then. Because
he didn't know anything about his life upto that point, and couldn't
remember his name, the elders of the home named him after their cultish
beliefs. There were many older kids, of all ages and they were not known
for kindness to each other or anyone. Gnostic soon learned to barter for
protection of his person and his belongings as he accumulated them. His
duties as a cleric began out of the same motive. He learned to cure
the wounds of the kids who stood up for him. No one knew what they were
doing with magic there, so he soon became more proficient than many of the
others around him.

On one occasion, an older barbarian boy named Bill decided to pick on a
female friend of Gnostic's named Araweena. She was pushed down the stairs
of the home and cracked open her head on the wooden furnature of the
children's playroom. Gnostic nursed her to the best of his abilities for
a year before she died.

Tormented with the thought of whether his healing powers helped her or
prolonged her agony, he decided when he was old and strong enough, he
would go out and learn healing from a guild of priests. His heart is
dark, and he still uses his healing to align him self with powerful
allies to position himself to where nothing can be taken from him again.

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