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Vital Statistics
Height89 cm
Weight74 lbs
Hit Points734
Mana Points567
Move Points214
Total Kills1898
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths8
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Ella"

Ella is a Hobbit Druid hailing from . She is approximately 19 years old.


Ella, having surpassed all expectations, took to her atonement with
surprising aptitude. Wandering the land, learning of life and struggle,
she has earned her favor back with the Shire. Now she continues her

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

Ella Umberhill, from a lesser known - and lesser trusted - family of the Shire did
not make her family proud. Caught stealing chickens from the farmers, the raucous,
lively hobbit found herself exiled from the Shire, sent on a mission to redeem
her name.

Given bread, clothes and a firm boot to the rear, she adopted a life of reflection
and repentance and struggled as piously as an adventurer could in order to win her way
back to her beloved home and people.

Having spent so long in the wilds, furthering her studies, honing her skills and
above all, cleansing the realm of evil, Ella earned her favor back with those of
the Shire, once more in the good graces of the Hobbits.

Now she can be found exploring the realm, her fingers blacked by alchemical experiments,
with Kaja, her familiar and guide, by her side. Should this sister of the woods be needed,
one should simply call aloud. She will hear. She will come.

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