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Vital Statistics
Height186 cm
Weight183 lbs
Hit Points1229
Mana Points472
Move Points712
Total Kills38893
Heroes Slain1
Total Deaths40
AlignmentPure of heart

Character Profile Of "Buriyaki"

Buriyaki is a Human Knight hailing from . He is approximately 22 years old.


This old samurai seems to have seen many battles throughout the lands.
Grown old of the constant bloodshed he decided to leave his master and
instead wander through the realms.

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Buriyaki, as sole son of the family of the Honqimotos, was destined to follow
in the footsteps of his father, a honorable samurai for the ruling family of
the Konchiyatos. As such his training from the earliest days was to learn
about the way of the warrior, the bushido. Given the early age at which
Buriyaki was prepared for his later profession, and the availability of best
of the teachers around, it was only natural that he excelled in combat and
soon was known to be a very good tactician even in the heat of the ongoing
fight. Next to his lessons in melee also history, kanji and art were part of
his education.

He was educated along with the two sons of the Yatos, Nasu and Shibo, who
had about the same age. It was Nasu Konchiyato who was the next in the lineage
of these Daimyos, a matter of fact that he made Buriyaki feel at every moment
of their common early education. Lateron they were split, as even though the
Samurai are considered noble, the Konchiyatos felt their sons should be raised
seperately from them to not allow friendly bondage to arise.

Much of his youth was spent with training and the rest contemplating literature
and art and meditation. Soon, during one of the usual quarrels about the
land of the Konchiyatos, Buriyaki was to fight in his first battle, after
which he was made responsible for a troop of the Konchiyatos. Numerous other
battles followed, during which his reputation as an excellent commander was
created. This reputation was what ultimately led him into the inner circle
of the Konchiyatos. As a matter of fact Seibu Konchiyato, Nasu's father,
called for him to be advanced into the rank of the daimyo's bodyguards.
Shortly afterwards Seibu died by the flu, making Nasu the next daimyo.

As is usual, Buriyaki swore to follow the rulings of Nasu as well as he did
for Seibu Konchiyato. But Nasu still did not want to give him an easy time,
sending Buriyaki and his troops to dangerous missions, sometimes of
questionable ethics. Following the way of the warrior, he did not question
the means of Nasu himself though. Nasu turned out to be a fiercer ruler of
the lands than Seibu ever was, raising the taxes, taking more from the peasants
than he returned, and slowly resistance among the peasants began to form,
forcing the Konchiyato samurai to impose power onto their own people.

Still, this only worsened the situation, and an open uprise began, including
secretly hired ronins from abroad. The battles raged on for most of a hot
summer, bringing down the crop to an absolute minimum. In the end though,
the Konchiyatos prevailed. As a punishment and lesson for their folk, all of
the crop was taken to fill the granaries of the Konchiyato clan, and what
was left, burnt, leaving just a bare minimum for the simple people. As always
Buriyaki and his troops executed even these orders without questioning them.
During one of these bonfires though, a group of peasants tried to resist the
samurai, leading to their death, and exitinction of the whole village. The
last of the survivors, the village elder, revealed to Buriyaki in his dying
breath his real heritage:

Buriyaki's real father, Ken, a ronin at that time after the timely death of
his master, a neighboring daimyo to the Konchiyatos, was roaming the lands
with his family, two sons and his wife, on the search for a new master. But
Seibu Konchiyato was fearing a revolution of the peasants at that time, so
the order was to kill any travelling ronin. For that, Honchi Honquimoto was
sent to the village to execute the order. Honchi was able to surprise
Buriyaki's father and kill him in combat. His mother tried to flee, but Honchi
killed her and Buriyaki's brother, who was aged seven then, with masterful
shots from the bow. Upon beheading the family Honchi found that the woman he
just killed had been carrying and protecting an infant -- Buriyaki. Honchi
was impressed at how calm the nursling remained and decided to adopt him and
treat him as his own.

Hearing this unbelievable truth, Buriyaki, who was left to believe Honchi
was his real father, returned home to take Honchi to task. And indeed, the
old man admitted that it was true what he had learned earlier that day.
Buriyaki insisted on finding out why he had not been killed instead, and
Honchi admitted that his wife was indeed sterile, and furthermore he had been
sent to poison the neighboring daimyo. Knowing that Ken was serving earlier
for this poisoned victim Honchi had taken Buriyaki to remind him of his
failure to follow the bushido -- preferring a sneaky poison attack by orders
of Seibu to the open combat that it would have called for.

Buriyaki did the only thing that was right: He immediately assaulted Honchi,
and after a fierce combat Honchi's head rolled off with an expression of
peace in his face. But this was not the last thing to do: His father's former
master had to be revenged. So without hesitation he walked forward into the
Konchiyatos chambers and killed Shibo and Nasu and started fire on their
castle. Through the element of surprise and his skills with the bow, he was
able to kill the other bodyguards and lock them into the rising flames before
retreating heavily wounded. From this day on he swore to no longer stay long
enough with one master so that he had to carry out his unjust and betraying
wishes, as ultimately this will lead to a conflict to the way of the warrior.
Instead, should he survive his wounds, he was to walk the realms in the far
east and never become a true samurai again, remaining a ronin on short-term
hire or caring for his own cause.

This is how he was first seen wandering the lands of Keorangar, years later.
Although still being a good leader, Buriyaki now is free. And he is still
following the way of the warrior, with its own, sometimes weird, sense of

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