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Vital Statistics
Height115 cm
Weight130 lbs
Hit Points755
Mana Points523
Move Points184
Total Kills3681
Heroes Slain0
Total Deaths29
AlignmentAlmost very good

Character Profile Of "Briver"

Briver is a Dwarf Ranger hailing from . He is approximately 21 years old.


As you look at this dwarf, you can tell he is different. Thin and clean shaven
he looks more of a small child than a dwarf. The aura around him and the scars
on his arms and hands indicates that he has been through a lot.

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).

It was a stormy, cold night in the Black Forest. It was the perfect night for
Jerseil Lorinthol, better known as "Stormgazer." She would come to this forest
every storm to be with the many creatures to calm them and comfort them during
the worst of the storm. This particular night, several creatures came to her
and informed her that there was a strange creature in the forest. When she
came upon the creature, she noticed that it was a dwarven child, neglectfully
left in the forest, most likely to die. Naturally with her caring nature, she
took the child in to shelter it from the storm.

She knew that she could not care for the child as his mother could so she sent
out her animal friends to search for the young child's parents. When they came
back informing her that they were dead, she began to care for the child. She
named the child Briver; meaning "Lucky Rustic."

Briver, unlike other Dwarven children, grew to learn the ways of the cleric
and to love nature and it's bounty. He loved his foster mother as his own and
learned many wonderful things from her. She would often take him out to the
forests, deserts, ocean, and other parts of the wilderness to teach him the
many lessons of nature. Jerseil and Briver enjoyed their time together.

At the age of 15, Briver went out with Jerseil on one of their many lessons.
During their lesson, they were attacked by a band of thieves. As the thieves
were planning their attack, they seen the young dwarve and saw him has the
greater threat. As they began their attack, Briver was knocked unconscience
leaving him invaluable. Jerseil tried her best to defend herself and Briver,
but the thieves dragged her off.

Briver awoke in the dead of night in a cold sweat. He had been stripped naked
and left with a nasty gash on his head. He knew what had happened. In one of
his many lessons with Jerseil, he had learned of the thief; how they sneak in
and attack without warning. As he was remembering this leason, he realised of
Jerseils disappearance and was inraged. He did not learn how to track or how
to communicate with nature to find the thieves. He search aimlessly for days,
naked and hungry. After 37 days, Briver fell hopelessly to the earth, forever

Dwarves are usually stout and strong, confident and courageous. No matter how
much he eats, his physical appearance has stayed the same all due to this
horrible event. His physical ordeal had left his body thin and skeletal and
his deminour cowardly. Briver was a changed dwarf.

He returned to his hut a broken dwarf. He could not bear the thought of not
being able to defend Jerseil and by staying at their hut, he would be remind
of that every day. He clothed himself and left, vowing never to return until
he had found his Jerseil and her captives.

Briver travelled for many years and to may cities. The one city that he knew
that he could find information on anything was Freyburg. At the age of 17,
the High Priest of Freyburg noticed this odd looking dwarf and knew he had
been through a life changing ordeal. He had also noticed a magical aura and
knew he was a cleric. He took Briver under his wing and helped the young
dwarf on his journey.

Briver has yet to find any traces of his beloved Jerseil or of the thieves
that took her, but he has learned the true ways of the cleric. As we becomes
stronger as a cleric, his natural abilites as a dwarven warrior surfaces.
He becomes stronger, smarter, and one with nature. Nature begins to speak to
him, guiding him and helping him.

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