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Vital Statistics
Height182 cm
Weight152 lbs
Hit Points694
Mana Points166
Move Points238
Total Kills7766
Heroes Slain78
Total Deaths427
AlignmentAlmost evil

Character Profile Of "Brashen"

Brashen is a Halfelf Assassin hailing from . He is approximately 43 years old.



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Religious beliefs:
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Brashen Najael spent his early years growing up in Midgaard with his brother
Trell. Brashen quickly found a game he enjoyed, thieving. Always one to seek
out a challenge he started out with easier targets but was quick to move on to
much harder and more risky subjects, such as the cities guards. His brother
practiced in the magic arts of being a mage and once the two had learned all
they could in Midgaard they set off to explore other towns. For a good while
the two kept together, working to increase their skills. Eventually Brashen's
abilities of a thief expanded into learning the arts of becoming an assassin.
Duringn all those years his already somewhat dark personality continued to grow
darker still. Was it dying that slowly seemed to take away his value on life?
Perhaps it was just seeing enough other people die. Then again, most likely it
was just his true personality that showed itself more as he left those
childhood days behind him. Whatever the case there came a day where he decided
a game that was far more fun than stealing was killing others. Obviously as an
assassin he had already experienced plenty of others blood ending up in his
blade and hands, but there had been reasons even if only to gain money and such
petty reasons, it had been something. The new reason to kill was simply a
sense of enjoyment in the killing. He liked the adrenaline pumping through his
veins as he snuck up on a person ready to spill their lifes blood, knowing the
risk could be his own life. Looking down at a corpse and seeing how fragile
life really was. In time Brashen found his way to the shrine of blood and took
on the title of an Outlaw. He'd be great... He was sure of it. Brashen had
continued to stay with his brother for a while after that but eventually the
two parted ways. Brashen enjoyed the thrill of trying to track down other
outlaws, but found his abilities were not nearly as refined as he had believed
them to be. When it came to outlaw versus outlaw it was a rare thing indeed
for Brashen to win. Truthfully it almost never happened for a number of years.
However this only drive him to try and gain more strength, knowledge, and
experience in killing. Somehow he kept up a cheerful disposition, taunting
those who try and tell him to change his wicked ways, and laughing at his own
defeats. While he enjoys killing he still keeps up a kind attitude to those
who have little experience in the ways of the world. This is to give them time
to grow stronger so that he can hope for them to become a worthwhile challenge
once they are older. Brashen's main goal in life is to become the best outlaw
that ever existed... Regardless of how long it takes.

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