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Vital Statistics
Height197 cm
Weight140 lbs
Hit Points581
Mana Points725
Move Points224
Total Kills5451
Heroes Slain1
Total Deaths41
AlignmentVery good

Character Profile Of "Bezalel"

Bezalel is a Human Sage hailing from . He is approximately 27 years old.


Today is born the seventh one
Born of woman the seventh son
And he in turn of a seventh son
He has the power to heal
He has the gift of the second sight
He is the chosen one
So it shall be written
So it shall be done

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Religious beliefs:
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Born as the seventh and youngest son of a beduin sheikh living in the
desert on the isle of Qum-el-Yallah, Bezalel had a well protected childhood
although his mother died when he was 5. But one day, at the age of 12 when
tried to figure out how to mount and ride a camel, all of a sudden he felt a
great dizziness, then his vision turned blank and he fell from the saddle and
turned unconscious.
When he woke up again he stared into the worried eyes of his comrade along
with several adults which were called for help.
"What happened to you Bez? Your face tuned pale and then you lay on the
ground, staring at the sky and muttering something about 'wall of sand' and
'black death'..? " "I don't know, I felt like all of a sudden I was somewhere
else watching a group of people entering something that looked like a wall of sand
and somehow I knew that something evil was lurking behind this wall....Hey,
where's father?"
"Now Bez, did you fall that hard that you do not remember that your
father went out with your older brothers to hunt down a lion who's been
attacking our sheep for the past few weeks? They should be back before
Bezalel nodded motionless as he remembered one man in his vision
wearing the same tunic like his father did.

His father and his brothers however did not return this night nor did they
on the following night. After two days a patrol was sent out to search for
the men and and when they returned they carried a body which seemed to be
more dead than alive - his oldest brother. A large wound gaped across his
chest as if he had been hit by a gigantic claw. With a shaken voice he told
that the group the followed the tracks of that lion when they were suddenly
caught in the middle of a sandstorm. Before they knew what happened they
were attacked by some great black winged beast which struck down both men
and horses alike. His father father told the others to run while he drew his
sword but the creature smashed their bodies like sand-fleas.
After finishing this report his brother passed away a a last painful sigh.
Bezalel was shocked. How could he forsee the fate of his father and
brothers? And why couldn't he warn them and...save them?
He ran away and cried in pain and despair. As he lay on the ground, crying
and full of grief an old man approached him and lay his hand on Bezalels
shoulder. Bezalel turned around and recognized him as the tribes healer.

"My young friend, you've suffered a terrible loss. Surely I cannot
give you back your father, but I offer you a bedroll in my tent and
warm meals if you like to give an old man a hand." Bezalel wiped
away his tears and agreed since with his father and brothers dead,
he had noone else.

And so Bezelel became the apprentice of the tribes healer and became pretty
skilled in finding and identifying herbs as well as blending them into
beneficial potions and salves.

Nevertheless he was still haunted by nightmarish visions from time that
usually turned out to happen for real. One day he took all of his courage
and told his mentor about those dreams that haunted him now for years,
fearing the old man would believe that he was possessed by some evil spirit
and reject him.
"Son", the old man replied "you are not possessed at all. You're rather
gifted with the power of the 'Second Sight'! However to benefit from this
gift you have to learn to control first. Yet I'm afraid this overburdens
my own abilities by far. A few days in the direction where the sun sets
there is a small village. The village is located near a great water which
you have to cross. Try to find a ship that brings you to the city of
Moonglow. Go to the cities temple and talk to their wise men. They will help
you. Here, take these coins for the passage and good luck. May your fathers
spirit watch over you."
Although having a great feeling discomfort for leaving his family
and his tribe, Bezalel grabbed his few belongings, waved a last goodbye
and started his journey towards the village and his future.
After a few days of wandering, Bezalel reached the village located
near the beach of a great ocean. Fortunately, he found a sailor who was on
his way to Moonglow and took him on his boat.

Being the first time in such a huge city, he wandered aimlessly through
the streets, overwhelmed by the mass of people, their noise and the odour
emanating from this place. All of a sudden he stood before a huge white
building which he regocgnized as the temple of Moonglow. He entered the
temple and approached a man wearing a white robe stiched with religious
symbols. Bezalel introduced himself and expressed his wish to learn more
about his ability. The priest nodded but also explained to him that
in order to control his power to forsee things he'd have to commit
himself to the study of clerical magic.
"And you can teach me all this?"

"I'm afraid I cannot", the priest replied "but I'll teleport you to to a
city where you should find a teacher. Follow me.". He guided Bezalel
upstairs into a room dominated by a glowing blue sphere. "Here my friend.
Enter this portal and you'll end up at a place where you'll be introduced
into all forms of clerical magic. But be warned: Mastering this kind of
magic can be a gift and will grant you great powers. But the road to this
mastery is a long and winding one with many dangers awaiting you. Are you
ready for this task?"

Bezalel hesitated for a short moment. He had the kind face of his father
in front of his inner eye and remembered the reason why he came here. He
nodded, took a deep breath and entered the portal. A bright blue light
flashed before his eyes, then everything turned black and Bezalel lost his

When he woke up again, Bezalel noticed that his surroundings had
changed. He was lying on the stairs of an impressive building which a large
sign identifying it as the temple of a city called Midgaard. Recalling the
priests words he stood up and entered the temple to seek his destiny.

And so his adventures begun...

Many summers have passed since this day. Bezalel learned many spells and
travelled to even more strange and sometimes dangerous places. He even
fought the black dragon lurking in the Galilean desert which killed his
father and his brothers many years ago. From time to time he even found
someone who could give him some insight into the mastery of clairvoyance,
yet he still seeks perfection.

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