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Vital Statistics
Height228 cm
Weight333 lbs
Hit Points957
Mana Points810
Move Points455
Total Kills39429
Heroes Slain22
Total Deaths470

Character Profile Of "Ayane"

Ayane is a Demon Bard hailing from . She is approximately 27 years old.


*Scene from the last dragon*...AM I THE MEANEST!? ..*SHONUFF*
Peaches and Cream :) like Pb & J
Oath :)

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Religious beliefs:
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None (so far).


Rumored to have been born in the depths of hell Ayane found herself in
the dark spaces of Urugronk at the tender age of 1 feeding off of any scraps
of food she would ever come across whether it was a dead fido's corpse or
a piece of lamb that an orc dropped and never picked it up. It was then where
she learned 5 letters that changed her very life...M O N E Y.
At the age of 5 she ran with the local orcish street gang pick pocketing
for her beloved money learning the basic ways of thievery going by her favorite
saying..."cash moves everything around me cream get the money dolla dolla
bills yall". By the age of 17 nearly all of that street gang had vanished
by either death by execution or prison confinement. This was when she decided
it was time for her to leave her well known home of Urugronk and set off to
the city of Freyburg where she learned that the realms were bigger than she
could ever imagine. With the different sites and sounds of Freyburg filling
her senses she decided to make the city her temporary home. It was then that
she felt the need to become stronger! fighting anything and everything that came
into her eyesight she quickly found that becoming stronger was abit harder
than she anticipated so she learned the fine art of self healing making her
stronger than she ever was before. But with the increase in power came
an increase in bloodlust. She quickly found herself taking on bigger and
badder things while not knowing that her name was spreading around the
realm like wildfire.

By this time she ran into the leader of the Merchant clan "The Mockers"
and on that same day joined him in his quest for searching for the
best equipment and money hot spots throughout the WHOLE realm. Through years
of hard work and dedication she became what is now the current head of
the Mockers clan.

While satisfied with her current life she grew tired of living in freyburg.
She had many friends and found that she was entirely different from the demons
she's encountered over the past. She found herself helping people making sure
there were little to no deaths in her time of being. But at the same time she
wanted more out of the life she knows now. With that said she headed off into
space where she ran into a hanging sign saying "come to Night city".
With a snap of her fingers and a click of her heels she set off on a ship to
the famous city where upon entering she was blindsided by lights and sounds.
She knew this was the place where she would now call home. Exploring every
crevice of the city she found herself in the backstreets where *wouldnt ya know it*
she was jumped by the local yakuza. Fending them off the best she could she
was bruised heavily which was when she met the Yakuza recruiter. Interested
in what they were doing she agree'd to join them while she healed herself up
only to kill the yakuza one by one making her escape back to the ancient realm.
She visits Night city often for the Geisha's and the internet cafe's that are
located throughout the city. But she is constantly looking behind her.
Things coming into the future..the origin of Peaches and Cream. AND
the meaning behind them. also the origin of the Shadow princess *rough draft*

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