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Chapter 9: How to level

What is a level? A level is used to measure your points in the game. The higher your level, the more points you have scored. You can earn points by killing creatures (mobs) through the mud. These points are called "experience points" or "exp". With each level you attain, you can also gain new skills and spells. Multimud has 60 levels and 60 Remort levels (see below).

The most experience points can be made by fighting mobs. With the help of the avatars plate (chapter 4) and pets (chapter 5) experience points can be made faster. Your character should wear good equipment as well (chapter 6). For this take a look at other players being low level or ask others.

Items like magic staffs and healing potions, pets and equipment are not cheap, that is why you should loot the corpse after killing a mob (take all corpse or use AUTOLOOT). Sell this equipment, use it for yourself or hand it out to a group member. The creature may have been carrying gold as well. At level 4 you can buy a scroll of identify, type "recite identify < item>" to see the stats of the piece of equipment. If you are a warrior use the COMPARE skill to see what weapon you should use.

By doing an AUTOQUEST you may also gain experience points: In Freyburg`s theater there is an actor who needs your help and Rusty at Foster`s Antiques asks you for a favour. In other hometowns autoquests can also be done: Find out the secret of Ungrimm in Khedrungar, help the exhausted pilferer in Midgaard or check out the rumors of Dracula in Bran castle.

By typing SC (sc=score), you will see how many experience points you have already gained and how much you need to reach your next level. Score also shows you your current age, your ALIGNMENT and which kind of spells are currently affecting you. (for example: you feel protected = armor spell; you feel relaxed = rest spell; you feel stronger than usual = strength spell...).

You are 22 years old Female Hobbit.
You have 76(76) hit, 44(47) mana and 34(34) movement points.
You are fully clothed and your alignment is 'Pure of Heart'.
You have scored 24244 exp, and have 64108 gold coins.
You have been playing for 13 days and 6 hours.
You have turned in 392 stones and 1 quest points.
You need 7553 exp to reach your next level.
This ranks you as <Name> (level 10/00 <Class>).
Your hometown is The Shire.
You are standing.
You are sensitive to the presence of invisible things.
You feel stronger than usual.

With the command AF only a list of the spell affections is shown to you (without the other stuff like age, experience points...). Visit the bishop in Freyburg's inner sanctum or Rusty at Foster`s Antiques as they are likely to cast a few helpful spells on you.


Once you reached level 60 you can remort. That means you start again with level 1 in another class but with your old stats. You will keep the knowledge of your old spell/skills, they become available at the appropriate level. In addition you get spells/skills of the second class (not all of them, though). There are extra powerful skills and spells available for remorting in the same class (e.g. Mage/Mage). See help classtable for details on the classes and help spells/skills for detailed tables. As remorting is a process of being reborn, you will have a renewed body....

To REMORT you will have to find the remort master!

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