A multi-themed online text adventure

Chapter 8: Regeneration & Practice

Your character becomes hungry and thirsty after some time has passed. You will not die of hunger or thirst, but it is important to eat and drink in order to regenerate your hitpoints, mana, movement, and to practice spells/skills. Other factors that influence your regeneration are your AGE, your constitution (try: help STATS) and if a mage's Rest spell is cast upon you. Some rooms are called healthy rooms (ie. cathedrals or temples, use the EXPLORE skill to find out). In these rooms your regeneration will be faster than in other rooms, try to sleep and rest there. Additionally, you may be attacked by mobs (ie. a Fido) if you simply sleep in the town`s streets.

With each level you attain, you are able to learn and use new spells or skills. How do you practice a spell/skill? You need to find a guildmaster first. Look for them in guilds usually located in towns throughout the mud. Later you must find guildmasters you will not recognize as easily. Even a beggar or actor is able to teach some things. However, you will not have to worry about that until and if you choose to REMORT.

By typing PRAC WHAT at a guildmaster, a list of spells/skills that can be taught is shown to you. PRAC SHOW will list all spells/skills you may currently learn. With the command PRAC you are able to see how well you know your spells/skills (not learned, awful, very good...) and how many practice sessions are left. When with a guildmaster type prac <skillname/spellname> to learn it. As mentioned before, take care of not being hungry or thirsty. Also, the more intelligent you are the easier you will learn a spell/skill and remember, you can use potions or equipment to increase your intelligence.

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