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Chapter 7: Death is not the end...

Let us say a goblin was too strong for you and you are lying on the ground with -5 hitpoints. Your hero will not die until you have less than -10 hitpoints, so you should hurry up and get help! If you are in a group you can be BANDAGEd by other group members or saved by healing spells (another reason to form a group). You may also ask via gossip for help: "please help! -5". Other players know that you are in trouble with -5 hitpoints. Take care that your summon protection is off, so that others are able to summon and bandage you (type NOSUMMON to change it). If nobody is around that can help you with magical powers, name your current location in your plead for help.

Sometimes mobs hit hard enough to reduce your hitpoints past -10 immediately or help by others is not available, and alas... you die: You will see the starting screen of MultiMUD, and type 1 to enter the game again.

You arrive in your hometown starting position with 1 hitpoint....without your equipment, inventory and money. You have also lost some experience points, making your next level a little more work to obtain. But all is not lost, money deposited in the teller machine (bank) you still have. Withdraw some coins from the teller machine, buy a scroll of recall and a light, then sleep a bit in the temple/cathedral to regenerate your health. Make sure you get food and something to drink as you will be ravished with hunger and thirst after your body has gone through the stressful resurrection. Your inventory, equipment and money are still are in your corpse at the place where you died. Visit this place again, but take care that you do not die a second time. The mobs do not remember your attack because you left and re-entered the game. If the mob is aggressive like a goblin is to good align characters, it will attack you again. It might be necessary to ask others for help or you may fight the mob again (make sure you wear some equipment) or try to be quick when taking the stuff out of your corpse (command is: take all corpse).

Through the Realms there are rooms that will kill you the moment you step into them. These Death Traps are usually noted with fair warnings ahead of time. You can detect one by reading room descriptions and looking in a direction before stepping. The EXIT command can be useful for this as it lists all visible exits along with the name of the room. If you have jumped into a so called DEATHTRAP (DT), anything (money, equipment and items) that was on your person is lost forever and there is no way to get it back. In such a case do not feel sad!! Deathtraps are a part of the game and even experienced players sometimes hit a DT...

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