A multi-themed online text adventure

Chapter 5: Shortcuts & Aliases

It is not necessary to type the "full" command each time you use it. Shortcuts and Aliases will make playing easier. When your character has reached level 2, you have the possibility to set an alias. Here is an example to make this command clear to you:

Your character is standing near a fountain and is thirsty. You have become bored by typing drink fountain each time, so you decide to set an alias for it: "alias df drink fountain". Now only the command "df" is needed to drink from the fountain. So as not to lose the alias, type SAVE after creating it. Another example: "alias tm tell marius $*". Now just type "tm <your message>" to send him a tell. The string $* is needed in the alias to define your message.

A list of useful shortcuts to save some typing:

l - looki - inventoryk - kill
ex - exiteq - equipmentc - cast
n - northrem - removeq - quaff
e - eastg - getli - list
s - southwi - wieldse - sell
w - westsc - scorest - stand
d - downunl - unlockwa - wake
u - upop - opendr - drink

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