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Chapter 4: Fighting

All non-player characters/creatures are called mobiles or mobs, for example animals, evil beings like demons as well as guards and citizens.

Note: You are not allowed to attack Player Characters, except in certain locations called PK-zones (PK=Playerkilling). If you do not follow this rule you will get a KILLER-flag. Never get such a FLAG as people will not be pleased with you. They may then kill you anywhere, anytime! In order to kill a player character in a non-PK zone you must use the MURDER command, so it is rarely, if ever, an accident.

The tougher a mob is, the more experience points you will gain as reward for killing it. Before you start a combat you should CONSIDER the mob, that means the strength of the mob and yours is compared with each other. To start a fight just type KILL < mobname>. But what to do if the opponent is stronger than you? By typing FLEE your character will flee from combat, but lose some experience points. You can make your character flee automatically when reaching defined hitpoints by typing WIMP <hitpoints> to set your wimplevel. The spell called Word of RECALL allows you to teleport to a safe place (cathedral, temple) when a fight becomes critical. You can buy a scroll of recall in each hometown (check out magic shops) and to use it try recite recall or write an alias for this (example: alias rr recite recall $*).

Pets can be purchased (wolf, bear, etc.) and are good allies in combat, although they can be expensive. Example: You want to fight a goblin with the help of a wolf. Type: Order wolf kill goblin; then type: assist wolf. Your wolf will start fighting the goblin, he is the so called TANK. (The wolf will suffer most of the damage, depending on your CHARISMA stat, sometimes you will be hit as well). When your opponent is at awful wounds make the wolf flee (type: order wolf flee). Now you alone fight against the goblin. Sure, you do not need to make the wolf flee, but if the wolf does the final hit, you will not get experience points for killing the goblin.

You may write an ALIAS for all of these commands such as:
- alias ofk order followers kill $*
- alias off order followers flee

The syntax is: alias <alias name> <commands to run>

Take care of the pets' health! Let them sleep in a cathedral if their hitpoints are low...or you will lose an expensive pet. Good luck in your first fights and make them suffer!

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