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Chapter 3: Some tips to get started in your hometown

Select a Hometown: Freyburg o Elven Tree o The Shire o Urugronk o Midgaard o Khedrugar

Please Note: Vampire's hometown is not listed as it is not considered a newbie race. Vampires are a special advanced race for EXPERIENCED players only. They live only once - if a vampire dies, he is really DEAD!


Freyburg Cathedral
    Amazing! You are standing in the HUGE sanctum of the Cathedral. The large room is filled with rays of light filtering through the glass windows. Statues of Clerics and Knights are lined up along the walls. You feel very peaceful, small and perhaps a little holy in here. There are small chambers to the south, east and north; there is a brass plaque at the eastern chamber. A small staircase leads up on the tower. There is a large -=SIGN=- here which you are recommended to read.
[ Exits: N E S W U ]

All New players should start with the newbie school, located north and then west of the Cathedral. Basic mud commands can be learned there as well as things specific to Multimud. You will have your first fight to get accustomed to your character a little. Take a look at the newbie board (south of the cathedral in the Donation room). Type look board and read < message number> (ie. read 10 to read message 10). Equipment and items found in the donation room are free for the taking. Afterwards try to explore Freyburg. Unless you leave through a gate, you know that you remain inside the town. A fountain can be found to drink from, shops to buy armor and food etc. Check out the Tourist Information Center (look at the map of Freyburg to find it), there you see a large map showing the continents (important when you have to fulfill your MISSION) and a list where all zones of the Mud are written down. An old explorer can usually be found in the Town Hall, he has immense knowledge. Try: Ask explorer haon (if you are interested in information about the Haon Dor Forest). Stay in the town at first and kill some fidos and pigeons. If you decide to attack other things, please use the CONSIDER command. Look for other characters you could GROUP with, as travelling around with others is more effective and fun.... If your character has a good ALIGNMENT, you can restore your hitpoints, mana and movement points by typing worship plate in the entrance of newbie school (north of cathedral at the plate of avatars). In most of the towns there are automatic teller machines (bank). Deposit < xxx coins>, withdraw < xxx coins> and balance are the commands for using this machine. Always save some money in the bank, as it's useful for buying things in AUCTIONs or for when death occurs. (See: Chapter 6).

When leaving Freyburg through one of the city gates, read all signs and take warnings given to you seriously. Always have a lantern or torch with you, something to drink, food and a scroll of recall. Drawing maps is helpful to orient yourself and...to find the way back to Freyburg. In case you are totally lost you may ask other players for a "SUMMON to Frey" via the newbie channel or tell. This SUMMON spell will transport you to Frey. Use this only when really needed and if you have forgotten a scroll of recall. People may get annoyed if they are asked for this spell too often...

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The Ganzanderbi Temple Of Naturalistic Peace And Ultimate Harmony
    You have entered the Ganzanderbi Temple of Naturalistic Peace and Ultimate Harmony. As you stand here, a strange sensation seems to overtake you. You get a strong feeling of invincibility, yet you also feel at one with all of creation. This is a large open room. The floor here is entirely covered in fallen leaves in shades of golds, oranges, and reds. The walls and ceiling here are formed of perfectly smooth living tree. In several places on the walls and ceiling, there are small twigs growing out, which are covered in delicate white blossoms, which fill this temple with a sweet aroma.
[ Exits: S ]

The first thing you should do when starting in Elven Tree is get a map of the town. You can reach the Donation room by leaving the temple to the south and then west to the next room. Equipment and items found in the donation room are free for the taking. If you go east two times you will enter a room that contains the Newbie board. Please read some of the messages (commands are: Look board and Read < message number> ie. read 10 to read message 10). The information can be helpful. Explore the lovely town a bit to orient yourself. There are shops where weapons and armor are sold. You can buy drinks, food, magic wands and potions, read several boards, practice skills and spells in the guilds... sometimes you need to open doors to enter a shop or rooms: if EXIT says [N S], just check the other directions as well. Do not forget to take a look in Manderbot`s Garden and to examine the two pots and the box...you will find something in them. If you wish to fight and begin gaining experience start with doves, sparrows and caterpillars. After you have attained a level or two, try the nasty flys and bluebirds (please use the CONSIDER command before you start a combat). To leave the town, open the gate east of the fountain and you will reach the Haon-Dor forest. Take a torch or a lantern, something to drink and some food with you when leaving a town. In this forest there are several creatures you could fight. To reach the human`s town called Midgaard, you need to leave the forest to the east.

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Three Farthing Stone
    You stand at what is considered to be the centre of the shires. Before you stands perhaps the most magnificent gardens you have ever seen. The trees and plants have almost a magical quality to them and you marvel at how such a wonder may have come about. North and south bywater road continues. To your west you see the guildhalls of the shire and east you spot a small post office.
[ Exits: N E S W ]

As all hobbits are curious, you should start to explore your hometown. You will find some shops where you can buy food, drinks, weapons and armor and some more stuff as well. A Donation Room exists for everyone (feel free to take those items, it is not thievary). The Shire has its own small tunnel system, but if you go there, take a lantern or a torch with you. There is one thing you should do: Visit the local guilds and practice some skills / spells. If you want to fight to begin gaining experience start with toddlers, pigs or halfling youths (but always use the CONSIDER command first!). They might be too difficult (and killing halflings is not much fun, huh?). You can leave the Shire to the south and enjoy the lovely Han-Doar forest. Take some food and drinks with you and explore this forest next. In this forest there are several creatures you can fight. To reach the human`s town called Midgaard, you need to leave Han-Doar to the east. Perhaps you will find a large tree...this is the home of the Elves. The invisible guards may not permit you to enter and they are skilled warriors, so best to stay in the forest or visit Midgaard.

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The Shrine Of The Ancients
    It's rather strange to find a shrine in an orcish settlement. They are supposed to hate everything, including themselves and their masters. But it's rumoured that orcs are immortal: after their death, they go somewhere in an unknown place. In order to obtain scraps of knowledge and to not be slain after they died, they honour a bit their ancients in this cave. It has been dug by slaves to expand the main hall, which is east.
[ Exits: E ]

The best thing to start with is exploring your hometown, so you can orient yourself a bit. In Urugronk you will find some shops where food, drinks, weapons and armor can be bought. Magic scrolls can be bought in the Shaman`s lair. In the Donation cave you can get some items, try to use or sell them, having money is always nice. Take a look at the town prisons (the orcs are having "fun" there) and the Saw Mill (clever orcs search there...). In the Chieftain`s Shantry there is a small job waiting for you, of course you will be rewarded afterwards. If you want to fight to begin gaining experience, visit your guildmaster to practice your skills/spells first. Start with beetles and toads, later you could try to fight others like pooches, seductive females, pigs and wolves (but use the CONSIDER command before combat!). You can leave Urugronk through the eastern gate. Please take some food, drinks and a torch with you. At the first crossing there is a sign which you should read, the Goblin Mountain has some dangers so think twice before heading north there. To reach Freyburg, you have to go south at the second crossing. In Freyburg there are plenty of shops and the Newbie School which is nice for new players.

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The Temple Of Midgaard
    You are in the southern end of the temple hall in the Temple of Midgaard. The temple has been constructed from giant marble blocks, eternal in appearance, and most of the walls are covered by ancient wall paintings picturing Gods, Giants and peasants.
Large steps lead down through the grand temple gate, descending the huge mound upon which the temple is built and ends on the temple square below. To the west, you see the reading room. The donation room is in a small alcove to your east.
[ Exits: N E W D ]

Start with getting a map of Midgaard. You will find one if you leave the Temple of Midgaard to the east (Get MAP. then Look MAP are the commands you need). Not only a map can be found there, but sometimes other equipment and items which you may try to use or sell. Equipment and items found in the donation room are free for the taking. Go west twice from the Midgaard Donation Room and then south to enter the Library. You will find a map of Keorangar and a list of all the existing towns/areas in this MUD. Open the trapdoor to reach the lower room and search in it. There an AUTOQUEST starts (you will be rewarded if you solve it). If you want to fight to begin gaining experience, practice your skills/spells in the local guilds first, especially the KICK skill is nice in the first levels. Midgaard itself is a larger town, so explore it a bit (with the help of the map) to get an orientation. Visit the Bakery, Magic Shop, General Store, Weapon Shop, the Silver Serpent,...to see what is sold there. (use the LIST command) Do not forget to help the exhausted pilgrims (a nice book is the reward when this small quest is done). Afterwards try to kill ducks, swans, sparrows (to be found in Midgaard`s park) and some fidos, beggars and janitors (they stroll around in the streets). Do not forget to use the CONSIDER command before you start a combat (See: Chapter 5). When you are low on hitpoints (or mana..), please go back to the Temple of Midgaard (it is a HEALTHY ROOM). When your character has a good ALIGNMENT, you may bow before the vicar, as he will restore you to full energies! To get a better alignment, kill the spies (shadow), odif yltsaebs, fidos and mercenaries. Through the West Gate you can leave Midgaard to enter the lovely Haon-Dor Forest, but take some food, drinks and a lantern with you. Do not leave Midgaard through the East gate, it is a dangerous area there...and you would die. Travelling northwards you reach Freyburg after a while, but the path is strewn with goblins lurking in ambush. You should have gained some experience in order to fight them. Best to stay in Midgaard and Haon-Dor for the first couple levels.

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Stone Temple Of Vorlaric
    You're standing in the middle of an egg-shaped cave. You can't notice any ridge, everything is smooth and curved. Chalcedony walls are carved with bas relief, showing the achievements of the dwarven god Vorlaric. Basalt slabs have been carried here to contrast with the glem of the many jewels encrusted high in the walls. A large portal leads south to diamond hall. It's lintel is made of mithril, a mythical metal. Glancing at the eastern wall, you see a recess used as a donation altar.
[ Exits: E S ]

Similar to other hometowns start with exploring the dwarven hometown a bit. You carry a map of it in your inventory, look at it when you are lost or try to draw your own little map. Khedrugar has a lower tunnel section including some caves. You will find several shops selling rings, weapons, lanterns and some food...and a bar of course (dwarves love the beer!). A map of Keorangar (the main continent), a list of all mud towns/areas and even a board especially made for dwarves can be found in this town. Just move north from the fountain of Friendship and pass the two mighty dwarven guards (if they are not there, an intruder has killed them, what a shame!). Then check out your local guildmaster, there you can practice the very first skills or spells. All dwarves being born in Khedrugar are able to learn Infravision (it is a useful SKILL when you start exploring the lands later on....as you do not need to carry a lantern or torch). If you decide to fight some creatures or a citizen, be very careful and CONSIDER your victim before starting a fight! The dwarves are trained combatants, better leave the town to the west by passing the watchman and find your way to Freyburg (move north - than westwards), there it is easy to survive your first fights (check out the newbie school there). Later you should return to your hometown and interrogate the sage in his den, there is a job waiting for you (see AUTOQUEST).

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