A multi-themed online text adventure

Chapter 2: Communication

All public channels have something in common: You are not allowed to curse or use dirty words. Avoid blaming, offending anyone or babbling useless things that nobody will listen to. General language on all channels is english.
Type WHO to see a list of players to whom you could talk to. (Note: This list will only show visible players, there may be invisible or disguised players on the mud at any time)


This channel is especially for new players. Be sure, most people will do their best to help you if you ask a question via the newbie channel. Feel free to ask, do not be ashamed! Type: Newbie <text> (ie. 'Newbie Hello, could someone help me?')

People in either the AVATAR clan or the GUARDIAN clan are there to help you. Sometimes this channel is not used in the "correct way", but arrogance or just talking trash on this channel will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be muted by the Gods or Avatars...


This channel is used for general communication to all players currently on the mud. People say hello and goodbye, ask for the news or just have smalltalk and fun. Enjoy it!

The following is a small list of abbreviations commonly used on the channels:
asap:As soon as possible
brb:Be right back
afk:Away from keyboard
rofl:Rolling on the floor laughing
*g*:A SOCIAL being used (ie. *g* = giggle *scra* = scratch etc.)
ooc:Out of character - for Roleplay
ic:In character - for Roleplay
imho:In my humble opinion


All characters in the same room as you, will hear what you are saying


With TELL <name> <message> you can send a message to a single character. As this is directed to a specific person, only this character and not others will get your message.


This is the shortcut for groupsay. All person being in the same GROUP will get your message.


Sometimes quests are announced by a god. If you want to participate in it, listen or query on this channel for details.


By praying, you contact all currently online Gods of the Realm. Please use this only when really needed (ie. if you must do or have solved your MISSION.) As the gods have work to do, they might become angry if a pray is used in a case not being important.


Communication with your race. Only characters of your race will understand this channel.


Communication with your clan. Only characters in your clan will see this channel.

Type quest, nogossip, noauction, nonewbie, notell, rsay to active/deactivate those channels. To see a list of all channels, use the TOGGLE command (activated channels are shown there as well).

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