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Chapter 10: Roleplay

Please see the RP Guide for more advanced roleplaying ideas.

Making Your Character Unique

When creating your character, you are able to set the following physical attributes of the character: skin, eyes, hair colour, face, demeanor, weight, and height. When someone looks at your character, they will see the result of what you selected in a defined type of description. Please remember, this is a fantasy world, you can be anything you wish to be.

Wise and lovely looking, Gwendyl the opalescent blue skinned elf is here. Her pointy eared, glittering face, set beneath icy blue hair, neatly frames her green eyes. Short in stature, this svelte figure is in excellent condition.

Chris, a nice looking, light skinned, dark brown haired dwarf is here. He is diminutive and stout in build, looking out with amber eyes set in his chiseled, heavily bearded face. He appears brave and has some small wounds and bruises.

You are also able to write a short custom description of your character (when creating or later at the starting screen of MultiMUD enter 2). Note: When at the end of a line use the return-key, and when done with your description just type @ and then the return-key. Feel free to set up a nice background of your character: What you look like, what you are fighting for, what do you want to reach in the future, perhaps you have a hobby, what about your family, what about your feelings (depressvie, sensitive, melancholic, alcoholic, furious, enraged, emotional, disturbed, chaotic, friendly, heroical ...and so on! The command VIEW <name> allows you to re-read your description or the ones of other characters online.

An example of some character descriptions are:

A man wrapped in old, stinking and tattered bandages stands before you. You can see a dark chaotic mist with two friendly red dots shining instead of a bandaged face.

There was a sneaky hobbit who got into trouble. Being caught by a sorceress made his problems double. He was turned into a donkey and had nothing but strife. Until Isis and Osiris came and saved his life!

Titles appear when someone walks into a room you are standing in, or when typing the WHO command to see who is currently online. MultiMUD creates a title automatically depending on your current level and your class (check: help level), but you can create a custom title. Type: title < new title> but do not forget that when reaching a new level you need to set it up again.

Many SOCIAL commands are available to bring life to your character. Is not "a hobbit thief composing songs on a campfire and telling you stories about his recent adventures" more interesting than a simple thief just doing "Backstabs", "Gmana" or "Retreat"?

Another nice feature, to make your character unique are EMOTEs which allow you to do custom socials. Perhaps when you laugh there is a snorting or such. Type: "emote < add whatever you like>". A lot of fun can be had with this command.

Warriors or orcs born in Urugronk can customize their warcrys: warcry <your new warcry>. Rather than the simple: ARRGHHHH! CHARGE! BANZAI!, you may shout whatever you would like to suite your character.

Clans and Worshipping

Although your character must have reached a certain level, you should think of joining a CLAN, especially if you enjoy roleplaying. With the command SHOW ALL you will get a list of all ENTITYs. There are several clans in MultiMUD, each having individual aims and priorities. The most important information can be read in the help files of the clans. Before you decide to join a clan, be certain it is right for you. It is frowned upon if you enter and leave a clan too quickly. You can follow an Immortal as well, but read their help files first and choose wisely for both clans and Immortal worship.


A lot of information can be gained from reading bulletin boards and they are a great place for additional roleplay. In most of the guilds there are boards giving tips and tricks for your class or actual mud related ideas are discussed there. Feel free to join the discussions. The more ideas people have and write down, the more MultiMUD and you will profit from it. There are social, clan, newbie, quest, story, and PK bulletin boards. Please use the appropriate board based upon your topic. Read the boards and write down your ideas! Even a player totally unknown to the MUD might have very cool ideas. Be creative and be sure people will listen! Most importantly, have fun with it!

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