A multi-themed online text adventure

Chapter 1: The first steps

When starting to play please type the following commands:


Color Complete will show you more colors than the standard background / foreground color as long as your mud client supports this.

Display All will show your character's hitpoints, mana and movement. (You will see something like this in beginning of each new line: 20H 100M 90V).

Rsay (race say) will allow you to be able to hear the language of your race (See: Chapter 2)

Noauction will allow you to hear the auction channel. (See: Chapter 2)

Save This saves the changes you just made to your character settings by using the previous commands.

Important note for players using:
Telnet: If you can not see what you are typing, try to find 'Local Echo' option. It must be turned ON.
Zmud or TinyFungue: check things like triggers, fastkeys or extra-colors as they might be helpful.

This Mud has a POLICY which are a set of rules you should read and follow.... Simply type POLICY in game to read them.

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