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Famous Quotes of the MultiMUD Inhabitants

Heroes come and Heroes go, sometimes though, the words they say linger longer than the heroes that said them. Below are a collection of some "Famous Quotes" from the heroes of MultiMUD.

Wolverine says: 'I tank, you heal'
A huge flaming giant gossips: 'Yeehaaa, I killed that bastard Wolverine!'

Hortensia says: 'Dont worry, Necromancers dont track, I am sure.'
A dark hooded servant enters the room.

Aargolyn says: 'Yes, yes, I see.. I have no idea how to reach our equipment... I guess I just take a shield and trust in my blocking skill...'
Someone says: 'I will mark this as famous last words, yeah ?'
A hooded servant enters the room.
A hooded servant sends Aargolyn sprawling with a powerful bash.

Sabach says: '5 barbarians north of us, behind the door.'
Soadist says: 'Let them come!!'
Aargolyn opens the door.
A barbarian warrior gossips: 'Whoops, I killed Aargolyn!'
A barbarian warrior gossips: 'Whoops, I killed Soadist!'
A barbarian warrior gossips: 'Whoops, I killed Sabach!'
A barbarian warrior gossips: 'Whoops, I killed Hortensia!'
A barbarian warrior gossips: 'Whoops, I killed Hector!'
Benden quest says: 'I see you're having fun, hmm?'

Darquiel: backspace is for people who make mistakes
Morbis: true i'm immo, i don't make any mistakes ..

Solace gossips, 'im like a freaking superhero'
Constable Nobbs of the Night Watch gossips, 'Sadly enough, I had to kill Solace.'

Aargolyn says, 'hold hortensia here, gimli'
Aargolyn says, 'I will bring the nemesis'
Hortensia exclaims, 'hey now!'
Hortensia says, 'my survival chances just reduced :P
Hortensia says, 'greatly :P'
The dark figure spots Hortensia and already knows he's an enemy!
The dark figure gossips, 'Whoops, I killed Hortensia.'

Olandis gossips, 'mother fucker'
A pair of ghouls gossips, 'Whoops, I killed Olandis.'

Morrigan gossips, 'YEA! SPEED! I LOVE IT!'
Lando Calrissian gossips, 'Sadly enough, I had to kill Morrigan.'
Morrigan gossips, 'i hate myself.'

Pluck [OOC]: 'Will there be stollen? I didn't get any this year.'.
Benden [OOC]: 'no stollen.'.
Pluck [OOC]: 'Awe. That stuff is amazing.'.
Benden [OOC]: 'there'll be bug brain all over you. Stollen doesn't go well with that.'.
Pluck [OOC]: 'What better to have before you die?'.
Benden [OOC]: 'a firm grip of your bug-zap (tm) 2500, a new energy bar and a band of brothers around you who'll grimly beat anything to death that has more than two legs.'.

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