A multi-themed online text adventure

What is a MUD?

As the name implies, MultiMud is a MUD, an acronym generally defined as Multi User Domain/Dungeon (depending on who you ask.) Although some MUDs are now graphical (generally termed gMUDs), the vast majority of MUDs, including MultiMud, are text based. This means that everything in the world is displayed as text: characters are represented by their names/titles, rooms are given written descriptions, etc. Sometimes ASCII art may be used, but the vast majority of mudding is reading text.

How do I start playing?

The fastest way to get started is to try our java client. However once you are comfortable you might prefer to graduate to a mud client. A mud client is a specialist programme designed for playing muds. Some of the most popular are

But there are also many more which are easily found by searching in your local search engine. If you decide to play with a mud client, you can connect to Multimud at multimud.net, port 4242.
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