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Top Twenty Players of MultiMUD

These are Multimud's brightest and perhaps luckiest mortals. Through hard work, dedication and an overwhelming sense of greatness have attained a notable position on the top twenty board. Rankings are based upon fame. See HELP FAME in the game.

RankLevelRace/ClassName & Title
1 60/2037 Hobbit Knight Olandis is one of the "Javelin Men"
2 60/2405 Hobbit Ninja Regrin Stonemould, Shire-thain, Shikujishikito Arichimotokurinmodotate
3 60/202 Orc Ranger Snorik the wandering [[rangers]]
4 60/797 Demon Bard Ayane Supa Peaches the Shadow Princess [[mockers]]
5 60/639 Halfelf Spellsword Wutschi Wootwoot, the realmwandering and ragnarocking Blademistress of [guardian]
6 60/1302 Human Knight Buriyaki the realmwandering ragnaroeking surviving Knight of BANZAI!s
7 60/177 Elf Priest Macros
8 60/69 Human Priest Hortensia the Absent-Minded Traveller [bloodangels]
9 60/187 Demon Spellsword Morrigan the dwarven race's nightmare [spellworm]
10 60/1 Human Sorcerer Erasmus
11 60/129 Hobbit Bard Kristen wears her medal "I survived MMM 2002" and is still ready for some more action.
12 60/71 Elf Priest Daaveg
13 60/22 Human Sorcerer Keriat Spellfire [spellworm]
14 60/6 Halfelf Sorcerer Mithril the restless wanderer. [[rangers]]
15 60/0 Elf Wizard Lameth il messia oscuro.
16 60/1 Human Sage Sparky the Greater Sage -
17 60/79 Halfelf Ranger Archaic the Legend!
18 60/24 Human Paladin Ivory is dancing in the dark !
19 60/22 Human Sage Bezalel Ashmedai [[rangers]]
20 60/100 Hobbit Assassin Namishiyu sees your weakness..

If you are on this list and you don't want to, or if you are not on this list and you think you should be, see the HELP on NOLIST in the game! Not only your level but also your knowledge of the mud and more influences your rating on this list! See help FAME in the game.

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