A multi-themed online text adventure


Lists the people currently in the game.  Some people may be invisible.
Command-line options can be used to limit the listing.  The parameters
can be specified on the command-line in any order.

who [minlev[-maxlev]] [-n sname] [-c classlist] [-s] [-o] [-k] [-q] [-r] [-z]

minlev, maxlev : list only people whose level is at or above minlev, and
     optionally, at or below maxlev
-n : list only people whose names or titles contain sname
-c : list only people of a certain class, where classlist is any combination
     of the letters w, m, c, and t
-s : list names in the short form (3 columns of names, without titles or flags)
-o : list only outlaws
-k : list only people flagged with killer and thief
-q : list only people who are on the Quest
-r : list only people who are in your room
-z : list only people in your zone
-m : shows the entity of each player
-t : do not display the title of the players
-f : shows the god whom the player worships
-b : changes the border of the who list, there are 6 versions, eg -b 4
-e : shows the who list in the old format

> who -c wc -s -l 20
    List, in short form, warriors and clerics at or above level 20
> who 15-25 -o -z
    List all outlaws between levels 15 and 25 who are in your zone.
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