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spellfocus rod

(the former saving rod)

The better your spellfocus is, the less will certain spells cost.

Basic spells wont need spellfocus to yield low mana costs, whereas 
high level (especially remort) spells will need spellfocus to reduce 
mana costs to a decent level.

Items can affect your spellfocus. Like with saving spell and breath,
negative affection values will improve your spellfocus.

Generally, low level spells do not need spellfocus. Mage and remort
spells usually need spellfocus.

Example: A remort spell needs 100 mana at spellfocus 0. With a spell-
focus of -10 you will be able to cast it with 90 mana, whereas with
a spellfocus of +10 it will cost you 110 mana.
See Also: saving, breath, savings
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