A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage:          cast 'vision' [direction]
Duration:       Instant
Waitstates:     2: SAG
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Positive
Costs:          50 - 10 
Position:       Standing
AMS-State:      inside AMS
Classes:        (L23)  SAG
Magic Sources:  n/a
   Whenever you reach a crossroad and you don't know which way holds more 
danger than this spell will help you to see the future. You will have a
vision of what could happen to you and your comrades.
   This spell will show up DeathTraps, mobs (aggressive, hidden, talking 
through mobask system, thieves, ...), damage rooms, traps, valuable items or
gold, as well as some other stuffs you will discover alone. The spell tells
you the vision about the greatest danger from the room in the specified
direction, or, if no danger, hints about the rewards/treasure to find
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