A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage:          track <victim>
Duration:       Instant
Waitstates:     0: THI, WAR, ASN, KNI, PAL, LOR, FIG, RAN, DRU, BAR, NIN, ROG, SWO, MON
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          0 - 0 
Position:       Dead
Classes:        (L16)  THI, ASN, FIG, DRU, BAR, NIN, ROG, MON
                (L36)  WAR, KNI, PAL, LOR, RAN, SWO
   Used for finding the first step on the shortest route to a monster or
Track will sometimes lead you into the wrong direction but it will never
lead into DeathTraps.

Note: Some mobs leave no trace for tracking them (like Marius)

> track fido
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