A multi-themed online text adventure

second attack third attack fourth attack

Usage:          Automatically used
Duration:       -
Waitstates:     0: THI, WAR, ASN, KNI, PAL, LOR, FIG, RAN, DRU, BAR, NIN, ROG, SWO, MON
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          0 - 0 
Position:       Dead
Classes:        (L8)  WAR, KNI, PAL, LOR, FIG, RAN, ROG, SWO
                (L28)  THI, ASN, DRU, BAR, NIN, MON
   Enables you to attack twice (or even three times). The skill is engaged 
automagically when fighting.
Only knights may learn "fourth attack" although some other classes use
spells to increase the number of attacks
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