A multi-themed online text adventure

sense souls

Usage:          cast 'sense souls' <direction>
Duration:       Several seconds
Waitstates:     2: SAG
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          100 - 40
Position:       Standing
Classes:        (L51)  SAG
Magic Sources:  n/a
   Sense souls sends out a beacon which can sense souls for you. When cast
in a direction, the beacon starts in your room, and moves towards the 
direction you specified. It travels three rooms far, and reports about the
souls in the first room, about the souls in the second room and the adjacent
rooms to the left and right, and about the souls in the third room and the
rooms which lie in the direction you specified, gone from the left and right
room of the second room:

                X -> O
  (you) -> X -> X -> X        ..example of casting sense souls eastwards.
                X -> X

   The beacon will report about several characteristics of the mob, including
potentially its name, level, casting abilities and some protection spells
it has active. 

   The spell will burn a little map of your surroundings along with the beings
it encountered in your memory, which you can look at. You will also remember
what it sensed for some time, so you can recall what it saw in each visited
room. Your memory also has the rooms in a certain order, which you will see
when you recall it; to look at a room then simply look at its number, or at
the combined directions needed to reach it (like in the example above,
look ene)
See Also: wizards eye
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