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infuse sword

Usage:          cast 'infuse sword' [object in inventory, object in equipment]
Duration:       Level / 3 hours
Waitstates:     2: SWO
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Positive
Costs:          50 - 25
Position:       Fighting
Classes:        (L38)  SWO
Magic Sources:  n/a
   Infuse Sword empowers your sword with magical energies, meaning it will
hit harder, i.e. do more damage. You will hear it sizzling with energy now
and then, and if you have bad luck, it might break due to the larger
exertions it faces. When it breaks, a potentially massive shockwave is
set free, which might hit you or the one you are fighting.

   Infusing a sword is no good for its lifetime, due to the larger 
exertions. This means that each infusion costs lifetime of your sword.
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