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Usage:          frenzy
Duration:       2 hours
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          35 - 10 
Position:       Fighting
   Frenzy brings the adventurous orc into the correct state of mind for a
little bloodshed. When an orc is in a frenzy, and they are fighting 
exceptionally at the same time, they can reach a state of bliss other races
will just never get.

Each round finished hitting two or more attacks, at least one of which
being a critical hit, sees the orc increasing their damage, contempt with
their deeds. Failure to deliver to the previously set standard may unsettle
the orc, and leave them bereaved of frenzy's benefits.

The damage increase equals a damroll increase of +1 through +4.
See Also: orc, thief, warrior
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