A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage:          evade
Duration:       Instant
Waitstates:     2: LOR
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Violent
Costs:          15 - 3 
Position:       Bashed
Classes:        (L45)  LOR
  Once activated the user will take a more defensive stance in the fight and
concentrate on evading the attacks of the opponent(s). This is costing much
concentration and thus the effect goes over quickly: For a number of level/10
opponents hitting the user during combat evade will be active before it runs
out again. (e.g. for a level 60, 6 combat rounds vs. 1 opponent, or 2 rounds
vs. 3 opponents, or 1 round vs. 6 opponents, or 1 round vs. the first 6 
opponents to hit if fighting more than 6).
 Evading is only possible if the user is adrenalized already. Also it will
reduce the capability of hitting the opponent slightly.
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