A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage:          cast 'curse' [char in room, opponent in fight, not self, object in inventory, npc, pc]
Duration:       1+level/2 hours, permanent on objects
Waitstates:     2: CLE, PRI, SAG, RAN, DRU, BAR, WIZ
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Nasty
Costs:          50 - 5
Position:       Fighting
Classes:        (L26)  CLE, PRI, SAG, RAN, DRU, BAR, WIZ
Magic Sources:  n/a
   Casting curse on a person or on a mob will reduce the damroll by 1,
hitroll by (level/4) and increase spellfocus by (level/4).

A cursed item can't be dropped, junked or donated.
Wearing a cursed item has the effect of spreading the curse to the
You can't curse a blessed item, and cursed items can't be blessed.
See Also: remove curse, bless
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