A multi-themed online text adventure

create trap

Usage:          trap [object in inventory, object in room, npc, pc]
Duration:       Level hours
Waitstates:     0: ASN, ROG
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          10 - 10 
Position:       Standing
Classes:        (L26)  ASN
                (L28)  ROG
   This is the skill which you need to set off traps with. You can't set
traps in all areas, except in neutral/arena zones. You need to have the trap
item in your inventory. Where to find a trap item? Have a look in shops, or
you may also find traps when exploring the mud.
You can set traps on room exits but also on containers. For example, if you 
want to set a trap on the southern room exit, just type: trap south. To set
a trap on a backpack, for example, type: trap backpack. Now the trap is set,
ready to be sprung! As you created the trap, you will never be hit by the
one you created. There are different types of traps, some are really nasty,
just try them out.
See Also: detect trap, disarm
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