A multi-themed online text adventure

knightly manners bid

Usage:          bid (see description)
Duration:       Potentially permanent (until next reboot)
Waitstates:     1: KNI
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Neutral
Costs:          30 - 30
Position:       Standing
Classes:        (L60)  KNI
Magic Sources:  n/a
   Knightly Manners allows you to call for a varlet, and order him around.

   If you use bid without arguments, and have not formerly called a varlet,
one will soon appear to follow you, as long as you are in a city area. The
name he will have is '<yourname>varlet'

   If you use bid <varlet> proclaim <text>. the varlet will announce your
wise words to every one who wants to listen.

   If you use bid <varlet> announce <direction>, the varlet will walk into
that direction, and announce your coming. You will follow automatically.

   If you use bid <varlet> give, the varlet will give you the top item
of his inventory back.

   If you use bid <varlet> disband, the varlet will go away.

Your varlet can carry a weapon and a shield for you, he will not accept to
carry anything other besides that.
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