A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage:          backstab [char in room, npc, pc]
Duration:       Instant
Waitstates:     2: THI, ASN, FIG, DRU, BAR, NIN, ROG, MON
Accumulative:   No
Violence:       Violent
Costs:          10 - 5
Position:       Standing
Classes:        (L3)  THI, ASN, FIG, DRU, BAR, NIN, ROG, MON
   Backstab is a way to sneak up on a person and attempt to place your dagger
in the victims back, at exactly the point where it does most damage.  A
successful backstab gives a damage multiplier, depending on level:

Levels  Multiplier
------  ----------
 1-7      2
 8-13     3
14-20     4
21-50     5
51-60     6

The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on how well you
have practiced backstab at your guild.  You can always backstab sleeping
people (failure will be around 1%). Only piercing weapons can be used for 
backstabbing. The damage depends on the position of the victim (sleeping 
does highest).
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