A multi-themed online text adventure

affections affect affects

The command 'affects' outputs a list of affections as shown as in score,
showing you the spells which are active upon your character.

Anti Magic Shell        An anti magic shell repels all magic directed at you.
Armor                   You feel protected.
Bear Constitution       You enjoy a better constitution than usual.
Bless                   You feel righteous.
Blindness               You have been blinded.
Curse                   You feel unlucky.
Deflect                 A magic shield deflects all magic from you.
Detect Alignment        You are sensitive to good and bad alignment.
Detect Embody           Your eyes see things on a higher level.
Detect Invisibility     You are sensitive to the presence of invisible things.
Detect Magic            You are sensitive to magical things.
Dispel Darkness         Your eyes are glowing red.
Dome Of Defense         You are surrounded by a dome of defense.
Dome Of Power           You are surrounded by a dome of power.
Fear                    Your heart is gripped by panic.
Fireshield              You are surrounded by a bright shield of fire.
Fly                     Your body floats about two feet above the ground!
Haste                   You feel much faster than normally.
Hold                    Your feet have been turned to stone.
Holy Revenge            You have a bright halo above your head.
Holy Touch              You are touched by a power from beyond.
Infravision             Your eyes are glowing red.
Ironfist                Your fists hurt after the recent overload.
Peace                   You spread an aura of peace.
Poison                  You are poisoned!
Rest                    You are relaxing.
Sanctuary               You are protected by Sanctuary.
Sense Life              You are sensitive to hidden life.
Silence                 Your lips are sealed.
Slow                    You feel tired.
Sneak                   You tread very, very lightly.
Song Of War             Same as haste.
Stoneskin               Your skin feels like stone.
Strength                You feel stronger than usual.
Waterwalk               You can walk on water.
Word Of Advice          You feel more intelligent than usual.
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