A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage: sell [all|<number>] <item|+keyword>

If you'd like to sell an item to a shopkeeper, trying selling it to them.
Most shops specialize in what they will buy, so you may have to look around
to find a buyer for your items.

Multiple items can be sold at once, just specify the number of items you
want to sell. Also there's the special count "all", which will sell all
the matching items in your inventory at once.

Also you can now specify an item-type to sell instead of a mere name,
if preceded by a '+'. The item type you probably will care most about
is "potion_base"... (others include armor, weapon, fireweapon, scroll,
wand, potion, staff, fireweapon, other, light, treasure, instrument).
> sell sword       (sell the first sword in your inventory)
> sell 3 sword     (sell the first three swords in your inventory)
> sell all sword   (sell all "sword"s in your inventory)
> sell +potion     (sell the first item of type POTION in your inv)
> sell all +potion_base  (all potion bases in your inv are sold)
See Also: buy, list, value, shops
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