A multi-themed online text adventure

remort remorting

Once you reached level 60 you can remort. That means you start again
with level 1 in another class but with your old stats. You will keep
the knowledge of your old spell/skills, they become available at the
appropriate level. In addition you get spells/skills of the second
class (not all of them, though). There are extra powerful skills and
spells available for remorting in the same class (e.g. Mage/Mage).
See help classtable for details on the classes and help spells/skills
for detailed tables. As remorting is a process of being reborn, you
will have a renewed body....

To REMORT you will have to find the remort master!
(You might want to start at the space probe droid with your search.
It has something VERY IMPORTANT to say about equipment, so make sure
you listen to it!)

Before you start your search for the remort master your knowledge of
the mud has to be at least 'remort'.

Oh, and btw, after you remorted please do not tell other players
how to find the master, will you ? (same as with missions...)
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